Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not my 'A game' in the 60m

I missed qualifying for the 60m finals by 0.03 seconds. Ran a 7.98, minimum qualifier was 7.95. I should have been in the 7.8's. Was at least 0.15 sec. off my "A Game."

I did not sleep last night. Not even 5 minutes.
I've been up almost 30 hrs straight now.

Naturally keyed up a bit after yesterday's big win, I was already a little edgy and restless. But the problem was trying to sleep in a bed next to my father who has sleep apnea and a seriously loud snore. Even with ear plugs, pillows, etc... I gave up at 4 am, and tried sleeping in the back seat of my compact car. Not comfortable. Imagine trying to sleep next to someone pulling the starting cord on a non-starting chain saw, that is the best description of my father's sound at night.

It's just past 10:30 am and I am going to sleep now. I got a single room. I feel totally like shit and I'm a tad pissed and irritable. I have to believe I'd been 0.03 seconds faster if I had a restful sleep last night, or even just a few hours.

It's cool. Yesterday, I won a National Championship.

...The 200m tomorrow.


  1. Given that elite athletes travel quite a bit there has been quite a bit of study on sleep deprivation and performance. The net is the first day after travel and poor sleep no significant difference. The second or third day can be a impact. Tactics for changing time zones is then to arrive just in time (since no significant impact on first day) or arrive days early to adjust.

  2. I don't think that is exactly right. Changing time zones is a problem if event time is in a periodic low (cirdadum rythym). Within the same time zone I have seen studies that say lack of sleep can be a slight factor but can be countered with a dose of caffeine.

  3. Actually, I did change one time zone, but moreso 'losing a little sleep' like Thurs night (4 hrs max) and then no sleep at all on Fri night ... took a toll.

  4. Congrats on your title! Sorry about the snoring -- even the best earplugs can't help against that. Good luck in the 2.
    Are you going to Finland for Worlds?

  5. 55.90. Congrats National Champ!. D.Wewetzer

  6. No, not going to the World Championships. Finland is a big ticket.

    I have pretty full schedule, the outdoor season for me starts this weekend. I'm getting excited about the Penn Relays in April. It'll be my first time. Running possibly 3 events on Friday including 2 relays with the Greater Phily Track Club.