Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Resistance - new stuff

Getting stronger and lighter. Felt a little ab soreness after yesterday's road work, but today it feels good. Able to do direct ab strengthening work - like hanging ab raises with no pain.

I'm including an important previously neglected exercise: calf raises on the toes (with ball of foot on a step). I think 3 x 30 with one foot at a time should be good. (so each calf does full body weight 90x). Two exercises that are targeting the ab indirectly are oblique/ab twists with resistance from lunge position, adductor and hip flexor resistance bands. I've also upped the Bulgarian (single leg) squats to 3 x 20 with 50 lbs each leg.

All the usual upper body. Did 20 pull ups today in my first set, more than ususal.

Body weight still 146 lbs., but should be below 145 by next week.

I wish I could get my dad to exercise, even just 10 min every other day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leaving the comfort zone

It's the kind of day where no one is outside. 40º, drizzle, dark. The kind of day to be sitting by the fire sipping tea. Plenty of time for that later.

So, I got outside to do some aerobic work on the road. Feeling more fit today. Ran long intervals. Injury has not been an issue. In fact, it feels better, although not yet gone.

1 mile - 6:31 (3:05, 3:25)

4 min rest

4 x 800m - 3 min rest between - (3:17, 3:17, 3:23, 3:11)

4 min rest

400m (straight, in sprint form) - 72 sec

I expected more ab injury soreness from the last track workout, but there wasn't any, even after a 30 min 'Insanity' video cardio workout on Sun. I've invented a few excercises that I feel will help the injury. One is twisting at the waist with resistance while doing a deep hip flexor extension squat. Hard to explain.

Anyway, resistance this week and maybe a speed workout on Friday. I may do 300s on the indoor track. I feel like I may be able to go with 3 running days as planned next week.

My weight is 145.6 after workout. Losing this last 6 - 7 lbs of fat to get to race weight is hard. Will require the 'one meal a day plan' with carb and calorie restrictions, pretty much what I've been doing for the past 4 days.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday workout on the mountain

In Sewanee for the Thanksgiving holiday. Perfect weather for a track workout - 50ºs but windy.

Have felt the injury a little more this week, but it improves on off days. I guess it's something I'm just going to have to live with and hope it continues to improve over time. I wore my ab compression pants for some extra support. My calves were still sore from hiking.

Still feel very out of shape. Again, over anxious and started too fast on the first one.

1000m warm up, stretching, drills

spikes on

4 x 400m - 69, 80, 81, 80 (2 to 3 min rest in between)

200m - 30 sec

Ran the 200m with a fairly aggressive start from down position. The first few steps is the point of greatest stress on the ab.

I want to run faster with more rest in between but that is NOT what I need right now. Next workout will be longer distance, probably 800s.

I've been supplementing the workout with a cardio routine called "Insanity" on video which I've not yet been able to keep up with for the full 40 min. Also the usual resistance.

Not sure of my weight, but I've eaten sensibly this holiday and am probably no more than 147 lbs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indoor Track Schedule 2012

Here is a possible schedule for me for this indoor season. Three local venues: TSU, MTSU, and Sewanee; and then the Masters Nationals in Bloomington, IN.

This schedule comes with a few caveats.

#1 - I will need permission to run at MTSU from Dean Hayes (which he has given me previously, but I have yet to run at MTSU due to injury and a schedule mix up).

#2 - What race do I want to run and against who? Sewanee is only good for the 55m - and I could actually beat some people. But, I do not want to run a 200m or 400m race on Sewanee's 160m oval. MTSU races are NCAA Division I which means I will essentially be running alone, up to 4 sec. behind the slowest competitor in the 400m, but MTSU's 300m indoor track with it's long sweeping turns at the Murphy Center (pic above) could render some really good indoor 400m times. Only 3 turns instead of 4.

#3 - Depends on my health and injury status. I'm inclined to believe injury would be more likely in the 55m and 200m. My ultimate goal for the indoor season is to be healthy enough to run all 3 sprint events at the Nationals (60, 200, 400).

TSU's Ed Temple Classic is on a good 200m track and is a big meet. It will be my first meet of the season and I'm leaning toward just the 400m and no other races to be safe.

The indoor 400m is completely different from the outdoor in terms of strategy. It is almost impossible to pass after the first 200m since the runners cut to the rail after the second turn on a 200m track. Almost all passing done in this race is in the last 60m straight to the finish. I have no idea what a 400m race is like at the Murphy Center. I suppose it's possible to run it entirely in lanes on the 300m track. I may go scout it out at the first MTSU meet on Dec. 10. I wish I was ready to run, but no way.

Not that I will run in all of these, but these are the possibilities:

1/7 - TSU - Ed Temple Classic
1/21 - MTSU
1/29 - TSU Invitational
2/4 - MTSU or Sewanee
2/11 - MTSU
2/25 - Sewanee
3/16-18 - Bloomington, IN - USATF Indoor Nationals

Today, I did upper body and hip flexor resistance. Still sore in the left medial ham. Ab feels better. Will probably hit the track in Sewanee on Sat morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dodging rain - road miles and resistance

On a rainy warm early afternoon, I waited for a break in the rain to hit the pavement. Quite sore in the glutes and medial hamstrings from yesterday's 2 x 20 Bulgarian squats with 50 lbs, I decided to go three miles. Not a great effort but a good sweat and some necessary calorie burning.

Light stretches

3 miles - 23:38 (7:52 pace)

I've not exhibited much self control on diet - I attended a nice wedding on the mountain with Iska and didn't spare the skillet apple pie and German chocolate cake. I was 152.4 on Sunday night, several 'evacuations' later, I was 4.4 lbs lighter in just 12 hrs. - 148.0 Monday afternoon.

After workout today I am 146.2

I don't think workouts like this are particularly helpful so I'm going to keep the mileage to 2 miles or less in the future. Bill Collins recommends occassional 3 mile runs in under 24 min in the off season.


Quite sore in the upper medial hams and glutes. Felt 'the injury' a little more than last week, probably due to the speed workout. Still not bad. Comes and goes. May wait til Sat for my next track workout.

To my nephew Kris who completed his second Phily Marathon!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Spikes On!

For the first time in over 15 weeks, I tore around the track with my spikes on... and it felt good. Still not running fast, no more than 75%. But it felt good to run with sprint stride again ... and no pain.

I felt a lot of apprehension while packing my spikes and getting ready to leave. "Am I ready for this?" I was a bit nervous, and my hamstrings sore from Wed resistance, so I decided to do a good warmup and then decide. The Dean Hayes Track was bathed in brilliant sunshine on a cold breezy upper 40º's morning. In the first 100m of my first warmup lap I decided it was a 'go' ... it felt good. So after an 800m warmup, a few dozen leg swings and sprinter drills ... on with the spikes and off with the sweats.

800m warmup, stretching and drills

5 x 400m - 2 min rest in between - 73, 76, 83, 87, 86

The last 2 were mean. Fatigue dropped me off my toes on the last turn of the last two 400s - I was not able to maintain good form the whole way but I made sure I got it back for the last 100m straight. The first one felt great and easy. I think I could run a low 60's 400m right now but I won't be going there for at least 3 weeks. My splits were lopsided as usual ... 34/39 and 35/41 on the first 2. Next time, I'll try for some negative split 400s, even if they are slower overall. Next running day - Mon or Tues, probably do a mixed workout of foundation and long sprints, 800s and 400s. Week after next, I will move to 3 days a week of running if all goes well.

Weight is beginning to come down - 146.6

I hope to be consistently below 145 by Dec and race weight by Jan.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just one set of lower body resistance bands, Bulgarian squats x 20 w/ 50lbs, and upper body - pull ups, pushups, dumbell flys, rowing, shoulder press.

My injury seems related to the adductors... when doing adductor work with bands, that is when I feel the injury the most, but it's not bad and it goes away with more exercise. It's weird. I don't feel it in my groin like most adductor injuries, I feel it in my gut.

So... I did 2 sets of those.

Light workout. Don't want to be sore since I may put the spikes on Friday. It's supposed to be very cold though, probably only in the 40s by mid day.

Ate too much last night, 148.8 today. Let's see if I can be below 145 after workout on Fri.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More aerobic foundation road work

Not fun. It never is. Although it seemed like I was running slow as ever, my times are coming down a bit. Great weather to run. Cloudy, showers, mid 60s.

Will probably stay with this Tues. and Fri. running schedule.

No track today, maybe Friday. Today was blacktop.

2 miles - 14:34 (7:23, 7:11)

4 min rest

1/2 mile - 3:20

3 min rest

1/2 mile - 3:29

I was going to do another 1/2 but the last one sickened me and I thought I was going to shit my pants, so I copped out.

It will get easier when I drop this 8 lbs of fat. Amazingly, I didn't gain much weight this weekend in Sewanee. Amazing since Iska had a party Friday and I love to eat with her.

I'm 146.2 after workout.

So far, since my return to running, a lot of aches and pains afterward. Feet, ankles, and the injury is still causing mild soreness. Again, it does not seem to be getting worse.

I still feel really out of shape.

Resistance work tomorrow.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Road work

More aerobic foundation work. It was hard although I can say I didn't push myself to the max.

2 miles - 15:01 (7:29, 7:32)

6 min rest

1 mile - 7:12

The last mile felt like slow motion, tried to run the last quarter on my toes but lasted only 200m.

Lot's more work to do. Injury still with me but not getting worse.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Return to the track - 11/8/11

I could have done this workout on the street but I decided to hit the track.

It gave me a feeling of being 'back into it' ... although my fitness level is pretty lacking. Beautiful morning on the Dean Hayes Track at 7:30 am., 57º.

Spira training shoes on.

400m warm up, stretching, drills

3 x 800m: 3:23, 3:35, 3:45

400m: 1:30

3 min rest in between all

One day of weights and one day of rest before the next running workout. Can still feel the injury but only when I first start to run. Not much afterward.

Weight is 147.2. I feel heavy.

Monday, November 7, 2011


The Friday workout, Saturday hike and "Insanity" exercise video has left me a bit sore in the hams this Monday morning, so I'll take today off and return to the track tomorrow for some 800m repeats. Beautiful weather. I could feel the injury a bit more yesterday but it was localized and not bad. Weight is coming off. Haven't been real strict with diet yet.
Weight is 147.6. I need to be careful and take 2 days rest in between running.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick stairs

It took only 2 flights up the stadium stairs to realize I'm not the same guy who was running these stairs 4 months and 10 lbs. ago.

I was really excited about returning to the early morning workout routine this morning, so much so that I kept waking up early, like 4:15 am, 5, etc...

But, after arriving at MTSU's Floyd Stadium at 7:30am, I soon found it was 'no picnic.' It was a gray 48º and I began with a brisk 400 around the stadium, probably too brisk. I then did a few drills and hit the stairs. It was much harder than I remember. After 5 stadium stair runs my lungs were burning and I could feel my hip flexors and glutes pumping. I couldn't believe how much more difficult it was than when I ran 20 of these in July. After 8 stair runs, I was a quivering sickly mess and all I could do was manage a 200m cool down jog. I was done in 30 min. The good thing is that my injury is fading. It wasn't an issue. I can still feel it slightly but my Monday run did not aggravate it despite my glutes and hams being sore from the workout.

Here was today:

400m - run on grass

8 stadium stair runs

200m - cool down jog

Later today I will do some resistance bands and upper body.

Weight: 148.0

On Wed after work I stuffed myself at dinner and that was 'the breaking point.' After dinner I weighed 153.6. I ate very light yesterday and after workout this morning I am 148.0 - 5.6 lbs lighter than I was just 36 hrs ago. I estimate I have 10 lbs of excess adipose. My diet has started. I realize I will need to do a lot more aerobics and general fitness if I ever hope to run a 400m race again. I don't want to risk injury by doing more than 2 running workouts a week for at least next week, then I may expand to 3. I have some good workout videos my friend gave me that have aerobic and power components, so I may supplement with these: 'P90x' and 'Insanity.'

The good news is that I can run. My injury is healing.

- November: Aerobic foundation, power, and flexibility work
- December: Begin long sprints with spikes on the track
- January: First competition - Jan. 7 - TSU Ed Temple Classic (400m?)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov. 1 - THE start

Hitting the road for my first run in 3 months felt weird.

Donning my Spira training shoes, long tights, and support garb, I did a brisk mile run. It felt OK. I could still feel the injury, but just slightly. The run felt moderately hard considering my 151 lb weight. I ran some of it on my toes.

So, here's my first training log of the new season:

1 mile run: 6:55

lunges, dynamic stretches, upper body, lower body resistance bands, Bulgarian squats 2 x 15 w/50 lbs, squat jumps

I still have a long way to go. My diet sucks and I keep saying, "I'll start tomorrow." Well, today is tomorrow. I wanted to do more today, but I'll just be conservative. I won't even do a full sprinter warmup yet. If I don't rush it, it should be at least another month before I put the spikes on and hit the track for some real sprinting.

I need to get into the weight room and also into the stadium for some stair runs and striders on grass. Regarding the on campus parking situation, the only time to do that is before 8 am and it's usually freezing at that time. I'll plan to do that on Fri. Maybe by next week I'll be able to start pushing and get some aerobic foundation work. Right now, I'm in a testing phase. I expect some soreness from this first workout.