Monday, February 25, 2013

Short rows, and resistance

Did 2 short fast rows on Sunday in Sewanee and some upper body.   Jogged 100m, foot felt OK but has felt a little sore today after some home projects.

Concept 2 rowing machine 
2000m - 8:07 (pr) 36 spm 
500m - 1:49 (pr) 43 spm

The rowing was close to maximum effort, pushing my heart rate to 160+ by the end.

Thinking about getting a second opinion on my foot.   I'm afraid that this foot won't completely heal and I'll have to have surgery.   Next xrays in about 2 weeks.

Was going to work out again today, but I had some home projects that kept me busy and on my feet all day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Resistance and more rowing

Workin' hard on the rower in Sewanee.   Saturday evening, I had the place to myself.   I chatted with a baseball player who was walking in a boot with a similar injury and was hoping to be back to playing in 2 weeks (8 weeks total for him).  My foot doesn't really hurt much, just some mild burning now and then.  I ran a little on some gym matts, felt fine.

I did a glute and groin workout Friday night and was a bit sore from that by the time I hit the rower tonight.  I did get another PR in the 2000m  ... it was hard.
Concept 2 Rowing Machine 
2 x 2000m - 8:08, 8:26  (36, 35 spm) 
500m - 1:52  (44 spm)
Started too fast in the 500m and died in the end.  All intervals I pushed hard in the end to get my heart rate to 160ish.   I'll go back tomorrow or Monday or both.

Talked with James Chinn today, he's entering the National Indoor meet.  At age 54 1/2, I hope he gets a medal.   I heard Tony DiSalvo is also out with an injury, sorry to hear that.

I'm hanging at about 147 median weight.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rowing in Sewanee

Second consecutive day of rowing in Sewanee, this time another PR and 3 sets.
Dynamic stretchs, 50m flat footed jog 
Concept 2 rower 
3 x 2000m - 8:10, 8:26, 8:35  - 33/spm 
upper body weights
I enjoyed rowing today while the women polevaulters worked out right in front of me.  They seem to need a coach.   The akle brace offer significant support to my foot and I can run up short flights of stairs with no problem.   I think this brace takes pressure off the broken bones and pushes the bones together.  It's just too uncomfortsble to sleep in, but I wear it all the time.  What I think will irritate my foot is impact and twisting. Stairs have neither.  I did a hobbled test jog today and it felt fine.

On the other hand... was just looking at some bad experiences with this injury on a Runners World blog.  Some say they've had success with a home untrasound bone stimulator machine: Exogen 4000

I wonder if I can start to run on grass as this injury heals?  It seems like it will heal no matter what if given enough time.  At this rate, I should be able to run fast by April.   Next xray - 3 weeks.

I missed the track so much I went and visited it today.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Did a fast 2000m on the Concept 2 rower, a PR.  My heart rate reached 160 on that first row.   Did just 2 reps and some plyos with the medicine ball.  It was nice to watch a pickup basketball game at the Fowler Center while I worked out.

Spent much of the day cutting, splitting and stacking firewood so I burned some calories today.   Got a late start and wanted to get back to watch the Milrose Games.   (I think I am the only person in the world switching TV channels back and forth between the Milrose Games and Downton Abby).
Concept 2 rower 
2 x 2000m - 8:18, 8:36  - 35 and 33 spm 
plyos w/ medicine ball
I can jog with no pain flat footed.   The foot throbs and sometimes hurts a little.  I think it's going to eventually heal, no matter what I do.   Sooner or later.

Friday, February 15, 2013

On the bike

I was delusional thinking I could ride 2:20 mile pace on this twisty hilly windy course on my cheap bike.   3+ min miles was more like it.   I definitely need a flatter straighter course for bike workouts.
On the bike 
3 x 3 miles - 9:15, 9:40, 9:30 
2 x 50 - glute resistance bands each side
I'm now in the under-the-shoe wraptor brace.  It does offer some support.  I'm hoping this foot will heal.  There is a possibility of a late season for me.   After the college season, there are a whole series of hand timed meets in May and June, AL & TN State meets in June, the Masters Nationals in July, district meets in September and a big Masters meet in Puerto Rico in Sept.

I hope this passes.   If I start running again April 1, it will be at least mid May before I'm even back to 57ish in the 400m.

I am fat.  Weighed 151 after Thursday buffet - heaviest in a year, but was 146.2 after workout.   Fasted til dinner.  Definitely feel the adipose.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to rowing

Back on the Concept 2 rower after a 2 week vacation of once a week workouts.

I was reminded of how long a trip it will be to come back after this injury.   When not in shape, doing endurance interval work is more sickening than just the normal fatigue I feel when in shape.   This injury is healing so slowly, I wonder if I made the right decision about not getting the bones screwed together.  It will be at least late March before any running, and when I do come back, it will be arduous... foundation 800s, etc....  For every week off, 2+ weeks to get back to where I was.   April will be like October all over again.  

At least I can bike and row now.   I even find myself running up stairs.   With this gap in my bones, I don't know why I'm not feeling more pain.
Concept 2 rowing machine 
3 x 2000m  - 8:25, 8:35, 8:36   - 35 strokes/min 
weights and squats with weight

I'm going to try and keep a better regime.   Probably do 3 x 3 miles on the bike @ about 7 min when I get back to Murfreesboro.

I've put on weight, over 147 after workout.

more xrays, injury update

Top xrays were taken at 3 weeks from injury followed by 3 weeks later at 6 weeks.  The 2nd pair of xrays may have sightly different angles.

The gap in the bones seems similar however the Dr. said it looks like some healing is starting to take place and will just take a long time. I don't have to wear the boot anymore and will begin wearing an under the shoe ankle brace.

 I can walk normally, I can even jog without pain although I am not doing that. I sometimes run up stairs with out thinking about it.  Almost zero pain.   I can do a heel raise on the injured foot which I could not do a week ago. I think I'm about halfway or almost half way to healed. Hoping to be back by April 1.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fast in the pool

Quick and intense in the Sewanee Pool.  Like doing 200s.   Pushed the heart rate to 152.

Pool running:

  2 x 6 x 30sec (78 steps) 30-45 sec rest in between