Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Event run

Today, I didn't make the best use of a workout.  I kinda needed to see where I stand and test the injury.  The injury feels the same, no worse, maybe a bit better, but I am not ready to run a respectable 400m.  I just haven't had the frequency or quality of workouts lately.   Every third day on the track,  4 lbs over weight, little resistance work, no short speed work... not a good way to come into a meet.

So, today I blasted a 400m at nearly 100% effort.   The time was ok considering my weight, but the way I felt was not.   My training has not put me in shape to run that last 80m.   I got a sickly feeling afterward, not just fatigue, but a rig up kinda sickly.   No fun !!

A sunny 43º day on the Dean Hayes track, almost no wind.  Good conditions.
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma Bolt spikes on  
400m event run - 58.25 ~ (27/31) 
200m - 28
My 100m splits were about 13, 14, 15, 16.   The time was somewhere between 58 and 58.5.  

The meet is Sunday and there is supposed to be great weather tomorrow but then shitty afterward.  I may go out tomorrow again and do a 4x400 tempo if I can get myself to endure the suffering.  Depends on my level of soreness.  Right now it's not too bad.

I don't know what to do on Sunday.   Since I'm not feeling it in the 400 right now, tempted to just run the 55 and the 200.  That would be so much more FUN.   Suggestions?   Should I puss out and fold on the 400?  Should I risk a 55?  I really think that I can blast a respectable 200m when fresh.  But, I might be asking for trouble to blast a 55m race.   I guess I can register for all of them and scratch.   There is not much time between the 400 and 200.   Just the 800m in between, an hour max. If I race the 400, I might as well forget a decent 200m time.

I'm leaning toward the 55 and 200.  It's supposed to be fun.  If I'm going to run the 55m, it would be good to do a power speed workout, and/or some starts with the team tomorrow if I can find them.  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

tempo 300s

I was pleased to see relatively warm weather today in NY.   I think it got up to about 43º today in bright sunshine, it felt much warmer.  I hit my HS track at Susquehanna Valley in Conklin, NY.  The only times previously I had seen this track, it was snow covered.   It's really a nice 6 lane track.  Well lined, decent surface.  It was only partially snow covered in small spots, the sunny spots were completely clear.  It felt so warm that I was completely comfortable in my shorts and sleeveless net T.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on
7 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 48, 49, 50, 52, 54, 57, 54 
200m - 28
Probably should have skipped the last 200m.   I felt OK, with the usual slight hip pain, but in the last 200, I felt pain in my right calf and ankle.   Probably nothing.

It was weird being back at my old HS.  I remember running on cinders and half inch spikes on this track back in the last days of running yards instead of meters.  After quitting HS wrestling, I never really worked hard again as an athlete in HS.  I could run 10.2 100 yds / 11.1 100m on natural ability, and never really worked at it.   I could have never imagined that I'd be doing interval workouts here at my age... especially after my history here - skipping indoor track practice to do bongs with Page.  Happy to have grown into athletics post 50, never thought it would be sprinting, no less sprinting 400s.

Definitely overweight, about 145 lbs after workout.   Don't have very high expectations for my next meet a week from tomorrow.


Thursday, December 26, 2013


Four inches of snow fell last night in Conklin, NY at my brother's house.   I went to my high school track at SV with shovel and broom ready to clear the track, but ... with a number of people at the school, I declined.   Probably would have been easy to use the leaf blower to clear a lane but I didn't think of that til later.   Last year, I did it on Christmas morning when there was no one there, but today, I didn't want to answer to anyone... so I hit the road.

With just a small strip of road snow free, I ran along route 7 to Carlin Rd., a serious hill ... a back road with little traffic.  The steep part of the hill is about 600m long, as steep as any road I've run.
1.5 mile run to hill 
3 x 600m hill sprints, walk down 
1.5 mile run back
The first run up the hill, I underestimated the task and I bailed 40m from the end, trying to run up as if I were sprinting a 400.   The others I reserved full effort for the last 100m.

It hurt.

Can't tell how steep the road is from a picture, but what a 'training facility'.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

tempo and speed endurance

Had a miserable 4x400m tempo workout at KCD School today, one of my worst.  Cool and cloudy, good weather for a workout, about 50º.    I was fine until it hit me at the 200m mark of 400 #3.   It was all downhill from there.  After a hard slow 4x4, I rested and ran 2 400s at faster pace.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
4 x 400m w/ 2 min rest - 69, 68, 75, 85 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x 400m - 60, 62

Felt the hip issue on the last 400 so I cut it short.   Wanted to do more speed.  Will now take 2 days off.  Next workout probably Xmas day in NY.   I think I need both more speed work and more quantity foundation work.   Don't seem to be improving.

Friday, December 20, 2013

same stuff

Another 4x4 workout at KCD school in KY.   An unusually warm, humid and drizzly day, about 60º.  The track was wet so I put spikes on.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
4 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 66, 69, 72, 83
I suffered severely on the last one and totally lost form.  I wanted to get the first 3 under 70, but it was too much, and I paid the price.  Almost didn't do the last one, but I did, not with a lot of speed and effort, but with ample suffering.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

back to the 4x4s

My first tempo endurance workout of the month.   It's been 19 days since I did this workout so I've some catching up to do.

Sunny and crisp at 1pm on the Sewanee Coughlan Track.  About 45º but not much wind, so it felt warmer.   I was able to train in short tights and my sleeveless net T.   Calves still sore from the stairs 3 days ago.
Saucony Virrata trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 400m w/ 2 min rest - 67, 69, 75, 78
Of course the last two were a bitch and thats really where my time off shows.  But, it was comparable to what I have been doing.  My hip issue is still there, but not bad.  Sort of reminds me of that pubalgia thing I had.  A bother, but not bad enough to keep me off the track.   I do know aggressive speed work will make it worse so I will probably limit that for a while.  Need to keep in mind that this is still very early season.   I did a little resistance work yesterday (one set), and will continue that.

Very heavy today, over 144 this morning.

MTSU Coach Hayes picked up another honor this week.   (Thanks Randall for the link).

I'm hoping that some rain and warmer temperatures this weekend in NY will melt the foot of snow on the track.  It's supposed to be over freezing 3 days in a row there, so maybe I'll not have to shovel snow from the track.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Stadium stairs today x 30.  Most I've ever done in a session.  Was determined to 'one up' myself in stadium stairs today, my previous max was 28x in a session.

Bleak conditions, 34º, dark and overcast, cold breeze blowing.   School is over for the semester and the only other people around were athletes going in and out of the Murphy Center.  I was amazed and thankful that a stadium mens room was open.
One lap warmup, stretches 
Stadium stairs x 30
Hip issue is still there but not bad.  This type of workout doesn't bother it much.  My ankle is hurting a little, probably because I stopped taking glucosamine.  Getting back on it.  Be interesting to see if this workout produces any soreness.

It's going to be hard to get workouts in when in NY.  they had 8" of snow last night.   Hopefully, it will melt by the weekend.   I'll do what's necessary to get workouts in.

Weight is nominal - 142 lbs after workout.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feel like I've never run

After just 4 days off, I returned today to the track for a brief workout.  I did a short speed endurance workout and it felt really hard, like I've never run before.  I felt it in my hams.   Somehow, I feel like I've lost something, like it was harder than it should have been.

Looks like a long road back if I'll ever run fast.  I need more quantity but I don't think foundation work like 800s, just the usual tempo and speed endurance, then strength and speed.  Hard time of year to work since it's been cold.

35º and bright sunshine at mid afternoon on the Sewanee track.   The hip issue is almost gone, probably should have given it another day.  We'll see what it fees like tomorrow.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
500m - 81 
400m - 66 
300m - 47

The times on the 400 and 300 were slow for a speed workout but I didn't take full rest.   

I may wait til Sunday before I go out again.   Have a busy Saturday.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

This is what I think happened

After a satisfying Aug. - Sept. 'mini-season' ... where I improved significantly in each of my 4 meets, (58.20, 57.22, 56.78, 55.78)...  I went out and ran like an idiot at MTSU.

All of those meets were masters meets, I saw no other runners in any of those meets and won all of them by at least 50m.  Running with guys actually ahead of me was a new experience.   Couple that with an unfamiliar and disorienting track, the distractions led to a failure to execute.  Excuses, excuses.   Well hell, last Monday I ran a 58 at 90% effort with nearly even splits.

Also, not 100%.  Due to a minor injury, I didn't do a solid tempo endurance workout for 7 days before the meet and took most of the meet week off.

Even more excuses...
I've been doing ALL my training on a 400m outdoor track and meticulously timing/pacing each 100m on every run with the Gymboss timer, always in lane 1 or 2, cones at the 100m mark.  Running even distances like 400s in workouts.  Running in a meet on track where I can't see all the way around it... like running in a hallway, is a bit disorienting.

The race.
I started fast.  I was amazed those guys took more than 2 turns to make up the stagger on me.   I must have turned the 200m at 25.50 or so, I was about 100% the whole way.   I was fresh and hyped.  (Still ran 26.04 about an hour later after being totally toasted in this race).  When I hit the break, the leader was only 12-15 meters ahead... although he ended up finishing in 51.90, and about 40m ahead!   That's how much time I lost.  The type of fatigue I felt after this was mind numbing, left me in a daze.  Painful.

I gotta block that stuff out if I'm going to run with the boys.   I might do some speed workouts on Sewanee's indoor track since I'm going to try the 400 there.   2 1/2 laps.

Probably will start training again on Thurs.   Still feel the hip/ham thing and a slightly sore groin.  Need to get healthy and working hard, the college season starts in earnest in Jan.  Opportunities to race most weekends all the way through April and outdoors.

Taking some time off, focusing on music, enjoying it.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rigged up, bad

Kinda didn't feel it today.   Bad meet overall.

One of my worst 400s ever.   I was in the outside lane and when everyone passed me, I kept my pace too high.   By the break at 250m, I was nearly toast.   My first 200m was probably faster than my actual 200m race, which was pretty slow too.   I rigged up hard with 50 to go, barely moving when I crossed the line.  Choked.  Bummed.

Ok, reluctantly, I admit to the embarrassing times:   58.94  - 400m /  26.04 - 200m
A similar start to my indoor season in 2012  ... but that year I won Nationals so... I guess I have no where to go but up.  Amazing how it's actually harder and more taxing to run a slower time when going out too fast.  I've run faster in practice with much less effort.  I barely had anything left for the 200m.  It was hard.  I lagged a bit at the end of the 200m.

Hip / upper ham is sore.   No serious issues.

Photo:  checking in for the 400m....  one of the guys said he thought I was about 37.  I could almost have a son that age.

Friday, December 6, 2013

pre race day #1 (updated)

The college track season begins.   I received Coach Hayes's one word email last night and it said, "Yes."

My expectations are low.   Haven't run in 3 days since my hip issue gets better each day I don't run.   It's still not 100%, but will be good to go.   I signed up for both the 400m and 200m.  Not my favorite track, but 5 min from my house.   My best there is 57.40.  So, that is my goal, to surpass that, which is actually my 2nd fastest 400m indoors.  Only my 55.90 at Nationals 2012 was faster.  I've run three 400m races there:  58.93, 57.74, 57.40.  Last year, I ran 57.74 in this meet.

I am at race weight.  140.2 this morning ... and it was no picnic (heh) to get here.   I was 146.6 just 3 1/2 days ago.  (note:  proportionally, that would be like my dad losing 10.3 lbs ... in 3 1/2 days).   Not fasting, not hungry.  Diet for the past 2 days:
tea + raw sugar, 1/2 c. yogurt with nuts and raisins, 4 figs, 1 head lettuce, 1 zucchini, large can tuna  
tea + raw sugar, protein shake, 4 figs, 1 head lettuce, 1 can fish, cappuccino
I'll go to the Murphy Center tonight to do a light warmup and maybe some starts.   I'm going to configure one set of spikes with pyramids and one with xmas trees.   Murphy Center is a pyramid spike track.

Light workout at the Murphy Center tonight.  Did 4 or 5 starts with the new shoes and ran some 100s on the turn.  Felt fine, the hip issue is ok, barely noticeable.  Shoes feel good, a little tight.  Crowns stayed on.  Not feeling real fit, need some fuel in my tank.

Less I eat, the less I want to eat.   Need to eat some carbs tonight, weighed 139.6 after workout.  (loss of 7 lbs in 4 days!).    

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

heavy and slow

Warmer weather today.   Good day for a workout ... 58º on the Dean Hayes track late morning.  I wish I felt better.... today I felt slow, sluggish, and sore from yesterday's plyos ... not to mention the 3 bulging fluid blisters on my ankle from yesterday's burn.  2 of 'em broke.  Fortunately, above the shoe and not real painful to run with.

All my soreness and issues seem to be concentrated on my right side... back side hip issue, sore upper thigh and the ankle burn and soreness.   Same side calf that got real sore from stairs last week.  

This was a tempo endurance / 300m event run day.   I tried to concentrate my efforts on the last 100m and take the first 200m easy... 29-30.   Goal of 14 for the last 100m, 44 over all.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
4 x 300 - 43.5, 44, 44, 44.5
Looks like I gained weight over the holiday weekend.   Last night when I got home, I weighed a staggering 146.4.   After workout and toilet... a more reasonable 142.6.   I still think I could be race weight by Sat.

Tonight is Vandy's first indoor meet which I wasn't able to get into.  Still no word from coach Hayes.

A look at my burnt foot.

She got me

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plyos and burned

Did some plyos today and some core work.  Leaps, single leg squats, pushups, etc...  

A friend spilled boiling water on the ankle of my socked foot taking some skin off.  A lingeringly painful injury, but I don't think it will stop me from running, I hope, just make it more painful.   We'll see.   Accidents happen.

Emailed Dean Hayes about the Sat.  meet, hopefully will get his 1 or 2 word response soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Speed workout today at KCD high school in KY.   Felt pretty good.  My hip issue is almost gone and doesn't bother me while running, mostly the next day.  Today, I was joined in my workout by fellow masters sprinter, Roya.

Ran everything (except the 200m) at about 90% in spikes with recovery.  Pretty fast for a shitty track.  My 400 was pretty close to even split.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony Showdown spikes on 
400m - 58 (28.5, 29.5) 
300m - 41.5 
200m - 29 (strider) 
100m - 13
I started feeling a little tightness in my right ham after the 300m so I ran the 200m easy.

I guess I'm going to email coach Hayes about running the 400/200 in Saturday's meet at MTSU.   I think he'll let me in.

gimme soma dat hair!

When it comes to shoes, track shoes... I'm as bad as a woman. Found some of last years model Pumas in my size. Very rare! Very cheap and free shipping... from a place called 'Shoebacca.' Half price. And even in my color.  My second pair of Pumas has a stripped spike hole. Very few sizes left, lucky I have such a small foot.