Friday, March 23, 2012

Pre race day - first outdoor meet / Penn news

Today is a rest day and I'll probably go to the track for a warmup, stretching and some easy stuff. Also, some swimming. The weather is iffy tomorrow: cloudy with cooler temperaures - mid 60sÂș - and 50% rain chance. If it's dry, the track will be fast and hopefully no wind.

UPDATE: Now they're saying 70% chance of rain Sat. Shit. Well, the rain they predicted today never came. So, we'll see.

Regarding the 400 race, it seems like my best times are had when I go out fast. At least 26 in the first 200. My finishing mechanics need work. After analyzing video of my finishing duel with Chinn in the 200 where we were stride for stride, my stride frequency was slightly faster than his in the last few steps but his stride much longer. He also seems to bend his legs at the knee more on the return motion. Not sure of the effect of that. Anyway, I think concentrating on running tall, long, and in-line with good arm motion is something I need to remember.

I'm booked for the Penn Relays
I booked my flights and hotel for the Penn Relays. I found a cheap hotel by the waterfront near the airport for just $69 and I will fly out right after the meet. Happy to have found 2 non-stop flights. My last event should end around 4:40 and my flight leaves at 7:10pm. Will have to travel really light, just a backpack. No laptop. The whole experience should cost about $400 but it'll be worth it. The best chance for a medal will be the 4 x 400 with GPTC and Ray thinks we can win Gold. I just wish Scott G. would call and get on this team. With him, we really could win it. I really wouldn't mind running lead off. Definitely don't want anchor leg.
Tentative schedule if I run 3 events:
Friday, 4/27 M50 events:
12:30 - 4 x 100
3:02 - 100m
4:30 - 4 x 400
Exciting time of year... I fly 3 consecutive weekends: Penn, Las Vegas to visit my parents, then Raleigh - SE Masters Championships.

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