Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunset Monday on the track

I needed the 2 recovery days since my hams were still slightly sore this morning after the Friday night meet. It was a hard day since I worked all day doing manual labor, mostly digging heavy muddy dirt for hours for a home project. I finally got to the track at sunset. It was nice and cool, temps falling into the mid 40sÂș, perfect for a ball buster workout.

Quantity sprints tonight. Started with 500s that I tried to run even or negative splits for the last 100m.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

3 x 500m - (1st 400, last 100)
82 (67 - 400/15 -100)
87 (72 - 400/15 -100)
89 (73 -400/ 16 -100)

2 x 200m - 30, 29

300m - 45.5

The 200s and 300 I tried to maintain 15 sec 100m splits. A good solid workout - 2200m of sprints. I kept rest times to 5-6 min.

Inventory - The last 24 hrs has been one of maximum weight fluctuation. Sunday was a feast day with 2 large meals, snacks, pie, cake, etc.... I came home last night weighing 146.4 lbs and my morning weight was 144 - highest in recent memory. After workout, down to 139.4. - 7 lbs lighter than 18 hrs ago.

My feet hurt, and hip hurts a little but only when rotating sideways widely. No serious problems. Good to go. May do a strength workout tomorrow. Good training weather this week.

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