Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Track Saving Time

It was great to be on the track after 7 pm tonight with still a tad of daylight left. Gorgeous spring weather with temperatures all week expected to be above normal... well into the 70ºs.

Today was a recovery day from yesterday's quantity workout. Last night I sure felt beat but today, good. No strains, good to go.

Priority today was to warm up, stretch and tinker with the new blocks setting.

I did my usual warmup and was feeling a little flat... so to liven up the party, I donned my backup Nike R3s and did a 75% 400m, negative splits 33, 31. It came out to be 64.5 and wow, it felt easy. I felt pretty much fully recovered in less than a minute then I did blocks and another 400m, a tad faster. Same. Very smooth, just a light sweat. This one was 64.0.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

Nike spikes on

400m @ 75% - 64.5

several block starts comparing configurations

400m @ 75% - 64

Spira training shoes on

400m cool down jog on grass

Resistance bands later tonight

I feel good. My weight is a nominal 139.6 after workout. One more good workout this week tomorrow then taper. A little quality speed work tomorrow and the usual tempo endurance. Not too much. Today, the MTSU 400m guys did 1 x 500m and 3 x 300m. The 100/200m sprinters did 8 x 200m. I'll probably do something similar tomorrow. Probably a 500m and some 200m repeats.

College outdoor season starts this Sat. I'm already looking ahead. My outdoor season starts a week from Sat. at Vanderbilt's Black and Gold Meet and registration is now open. What to run? Either the 400/200 or the 100/200. Unfortunately, the 4oo comes just before the 100.

Yes, the new configuration does three things: 1) It's more reliable, 2) it puts my front foot closer to the line, and 3) it yields a longer first step. The previous set puts so much forward lean on my hands, I was more likely to stumble and was using short 'studder-steps' at the beginning to counteract the excessive forward lean. This set is just a slight change and I think will prove to work well. I plan on practicing daily with this set between now and Thurs.

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