Sunday, March 18, 2012

200m National Final - M50

Very tight finish in the 200m M50 National Final.


Lane 2 - Tony Disalvo - 5th

Lane 3 - William Yelverton - 4th

Lane 4 - Jame Chinn - 3rd

Lane 5 - Michael Waller - 1st

Lane 6 - Scott Granowski - 2nd

I ran 25.43, my indoor PR, but I missed another medal by 1/10 sec.. It's OK. I'm happy with the meet overall and I'll write more in the days to come. It was a memorable experience and I feel good about it. Had a great time.

After the 200 final, many time National Champion Michael Waller told me that I was "the only one he saw." I know I gained on him around the final turn and we were about even at the end of the turn. He asked me, "Did someone getcha?" I said, "Yea, two people got me." It was really in the last 3 steps that Chinn 'got me' for the bronze. O well. The big surprise was Scott G. Wow, did he come off that high bank in lane 6 with a vengence to take Silver. I think that 25.18 may have been faster than his outdoor PR or close to it. If the race was 5m longer he might have won. He improved almost 0.50 seconds from the prelims. I improved just 0.11, Chinn stayed about the same, and Waller improved 0.33.

I'm hoping Scott will contact me. I'd love to have him on our Penn Relays 4x400 team.

Tomorrow is a rest day, I have the day off and it's supposed to be beautiful and summer like. 85ยบ. It's probably unlikely I'll ever win another National Championship, so I'll enjoy this one.

Next Meet: Vanderbilt Black and Gold Meet on Saturday.

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