Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First continous bike ascent of Roarke's Cove Rd.

Almost a thousand feet up, 2.8 miles, Rourke's Cove Rd. is the back way up the mountain and I did my first ascent by bike without stopping.   It was hard.    I want to do this as much as possible until I'm running again.  I forgot to time myself.   Next time.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tyson is back...

In a big way.  World Leading 9.75.  

He's healthy, looking great.  Ready to challenge Bolt at the World Championships in Moscow.

Routine cardio

Did the same workout as last week.
Concept 2 rower - 2000m - 8:34 
Stairmaster - 20 min
Jogged a few steps on pavement.  Felt good.  It's hard to believe that in one month I'll be going to the track again for workouts. I've never gone a full 7 months without running in my life.  Need to get some training shoes, thinking about the Saucony Virrata.  A very light flexible shoe with good cushion.  They weigh about the same as my spikes.

One good thing, my weight is coming down, 147 today.  That's encouraging.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

bike climb

On the bike today.  Climbed the mountain on Roarkes Cove Rd.   Up 1000' in 2.8 miles.  Tried to do it without stopping but I could't make it.   Stopped at Pete's, the steepest part.  Good sweat.  I need to do this and/or my Tues workout everyday.   That will bring me back to fitness in preparation for running.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hard stuff

It hurts.   It's going to be a long hard ass road back to fitness.  Very painful because I am not in shape, but I'm getting there.  I was about 150.4 lbs last week.  I estimate my body fat at about 20%.

I did some hard cardio today, a workout that normally wouldn't have been so exhausting if I were in shape.

Friday 6/14 
stairmaster - 30 min
Tuesday 6/18
5 min bike warmup 
stretches, drills 
Concept 2 rower - 2000m - 8:33 / 33 spm 
Stairmaster - 20 min
I was sweating good after my warmup before I even started the rower.   After the rower, my heart rate hit 172.  I'm pretty sure it stayed around 160 for 15 min on the stair master.

It was hard.  I need to do this at least 3X a week.    Now I think I can do some hill climbing on the bike.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Xrays - progress!

Finally - some good news.

Dr. Willers says that this will heal.  He wouldn't even consider surgery at this point based on this healing.  He even said I'm free to start doing cardio again and in a month, some jogging ... and it may even help the healing.  He said my chances have increased to 90% that this will heal without surgery.  He said the outside notches will probably fill in eventually, and even if they don't, it should heal solid.

I will see Dr. Willers again in mid-Aug and he may then give me the OK for full scale training by September.   It'll take a long time to get back and he also warned that my ankle is susceptible to arthritis.  It feels fine now.  The foot does get a little sore when I am on my feet all day but, by summer's end, I should be back on the stadium stairs and running on the track.  Maybe this break was good for me?

I've really been taking it easy.  No cardio for weeks.  I'm in terrible shape, over 150 lbs.   My blood pressure is up (134/90) and I've had some lapses in my diet.  Today, for example, I ate 2 donuts.  Last night, fried potatoes from a convenience store.  Ugh!

It's time to get back on the stairmaster, rower, and bike ... starting TODAY.

7 week comparison: newest June 14 - top / April 23 - below



Sunday, June 9, 2013

staying firm

Doing resistance work and no cardio in effort to allow foot healing.   I was on my feet a lot during Guitar Fest and it hurt a bit.   So, been doing abs, gluts and upper body resistance.

Next xray Friday, June 14.

The lack of cardio has given me an increase in blood pressure.   It used to be 116/70, now it's 134/90.   Looking forward to hitting the cardio after I'm sure my foot is healing.

Wow, M50 400m is very competitive with 4 guys now under 55 sec.