Sunday, October 14, 2018

Back after 2 weeks

I hit the track for the first time in 2 weeks, since the TN District meet where I ran the 100/200m.  It started out well, but ended with a possible injury.

I didn't want to do much, had really gained a lot of fat in the last 2 days of bad eating, but probably ran one too many today.  With my pastry-fed fat body, I managed a moderate effort 800m, rested then decided to run one up tempo 200m.  About 140m in, I felt and heard a loud snap in my left knee.  Undoubtedly cartilage (and not a ligament).  It wasn't immediately painful, just startling.  Whatever it was, wasn't good.  I've never had serious knee issues so I remain unconcerned but I have noticed a bit more pain this evening and it may keep me out of the Friday meet.  I barely notice it walking around.  Should have stopped with the 800m.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:43 
150m - 21 
Hopefully this will heal and I'll be back on the track soon.  I was planning on going out Tuesday but maybe not if the knee hurts. 

150.4 lbs after workout.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Off season break - boating/hiking/biking

I've done nothing in terms of training for 2 weeks.  However, I did a serious hike in the Great Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park last Sat. Oct 6.  Serious, not in length but in steepness.  The Lost Cove Trail from Eagle Creek ascends 2400' in about 3 miles from Fontana Lake to the Appalachian Trail then to Shuckstack firetower.  I've hiked this trail several times but this time it seemed harder due to foot fatigue that I'm not quite recovered from after a long track season.   Comparing distance and elevation gain, this trail is about as long as Sewanee's Roark's Cove Rd., but ascends 2.5 times the elevation.  The last 2 miles is like walking up a stair case.  I found it difficult on the knees walking down as well.  The trail is also challenging due to a dozen water crossings.  It is best accessible by boat.  The view from the tower at Shuckstack is the best in the Park.  The total hike was only about 8 miles.

I hadn't used my boat in a year and had some problems with the carburetor, but made it back after an emergency repair of the gas line (duct tape).   After installing a new fuel line, it ran perfectly yesterday in test run.  Going to do a river trip today to Chattanooga.  Taking my bike to get around town.  Much cooler past few days, only in the 60s.

I'm scheduled to race on Friday in Chattanooga and if I do, I'll probably just run the 400m as it would be risky for my to run a short sprint due to my 2 weeks off the track.  I may cancel if my slight chest cold gets worse.  Not expecting to run fast but maybe I can still break 60, probably not.  I plan to start back on the track on Monday with a few 800s.  Still a reasonable weight, 146.5 - 148.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Photo: 400m prelims

This was my best race in Spain.   I put much less effort into this race and ran a faster time than the semi race.  Too bad this was a prelim.   I won by 10m+ and was relaxed and looking around the last 80m.  Still ran a 57.00 which ended up being the fastest 400m by an M55 American at this meet. I feel I could have run much faster in this race.  The track at Carranque I liked better than the others.

Interesting how I can run faster with less effort, then the next day I kill myself to run a half second slower.  Live and learn.   Just happy to have had the experience.  Spain was great.

Dave Albo photo: