Tuesday, February 27, 2018

split 700

Third day in a row on the track, sunny mid 50ºs, and breezy at the Sewanee track.  I did a similar workout before Daegu and this wasn't that much slower, but I did more volume then.  So, I'm encouraged and happy my feet have held up to 3 out of 4 days on the track.  Still nothing really race pace but soon.
Hoka trainers on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
'split 700' 500m - 81.5 / 90 sec rest / 200m in 31.5 
200m - 27
The final 200 of my split 700 was a bit slow but into a wind. I really felt the lactic burn at the end of that 200 after the 500.  Want to see time pass fast?  Give yourself a minute or 90 sec after a 500 then run a 200.  I did 82 / 29  split 700 in March last yr.  After, I rested and ran a brisk 200m concentrating on form.  I really have to remind myself to relax and stretch out my strides and cover more ground.

After yesterday's workout, I thought it would be questionable to workout today but the pain level was not bad at all.  I've stopped wearing the inserts in my shoes because they don't seem to help and put more pressure on my plantar area since my shoes seem to have adequate arch support alone.

Off from the track Wed. and Thurs., maybe I'll get in the weight room or on the bike on Thurs.  I think it's coming together, wish I was racing this weekend at Berry but too risky.   I'm hoping to be able to run some fast next week, some 50s and 150s and a 300m event run.  Still won't put the spikes on though.  Made myself eat a bit more so I'm 142.5 lbs after workout.

At my little corner of the quiet track.  Rollin' those hams.

Monday, February 26, 2018

brief speed

I didn't want to do too much since I want to go out again tomorrow, so I ran just a couple hard ones.
57º and sunny at the Sewanee track, light winds.

I kind wanted to see 'where I was' today.  Pretty much the same.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 59 (28.5, 30.5) 
'Split 400' - 43.5 / 75 sec rest / 100m - 15
Wanted to do more but the harder I run, the harder it is on my foot.  The 400 was an easy first 200m then hard effort on the second 200m.  Splits were about 14, 14.5, 14.5, 15.  Was shooting for 14,14,15,15.  The second sprint, the 300 was about the same exact speed as the first sprint and I was going to carry it through to a 400m, but I copped out and ran a split 400 instead.  

I'm feeling the need to do some real speed work, like some fast 50s, 150s, and a 400m pace 200.  Maybe next week.  I'm still hesitant to put spikes on.  It's a killer for my plantar.   I will be off probably Wed and Thurs, unless I get back here in time to do weights Thurs night.  It's a really busy time, playing in a concert a week from Thurs and guests arriving for a guitar festival the next day, making airport runs, hosting, etc...  I've barely practiced guitar.  Good thing is that next week is MTSU Spring break and I'll be in Sewanee probably March 1-12.

Not sure what the plan is tomorrow, maybe a bit more volume if I can take it.
141.8 after workout.  Right ham a tad sore but not strained.  Probably from the hill sprints on Sunday.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

300 tempo / hills

Cloudy, dark, damp, cool in Sewanee, 52º.   I did one of my main workouts today, kind of as a fitness test.  Definitely failed.  Not where I was a year ago.
Hoka trainers on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 48, 49.5, 52.5, 55 (51.25 avg) 
200m strider - 30 
3 x 100m hill sprints ~ 18
This same 4x300m interval w/2m I was running last year average:
50.0 - 1/23
49.12  - 2/7
49.0 - 2/24
49.0 - 3/6
49.37 - 3/10
May not seem that much different but it is.  1 - 2 seconds slower is a lot.   I feel and look, but maybe that week off last week and the week off at Xmas has taken it's toll.  Also, I did a pretty good weight and bike workout late last night, maybe not recovered.  I did 3x12-15 of single leg squat jumps with 80lbs, 2 x 60-50 glute machine with 280 lbs,  25x set of hip flexors with 150 lbs.  Then 6 x 15 sec all sprints on the bike w/ 45 sec rest.

I'll keep after it.  I started eating eggs, bread, and protein shakes again to get a bit more protein and carbs.  I was just 140.8 lbs after workout, lightest this year.

I was going to go back out tomorrow and Tuesday, we'll see how the foot feels.  I'm tolerating it ok, using these gel heel cups and they help a little.  Feel it most in my warmups but it gets better.  I feel like I'm not pushing onto my toe as aggressively as I would if 100%.  Wed and Thurs are pretty much out of the question for track training, 90% chance rain onWed.   Thurs, work all day.  Too bad I can't race next weekend at Berry.  Too risky at this point.  The 400m final 2 weeks from Friday may be the next time I wear spikes.

I've been enjoying the Olympics, watching people rise to the occasion and others come up short.   Thinking about this track thing I'm involved in.  As difficult as it is, I may have to face the fact that I'll slow down with age.  I was hoping to get over this foot thing and maybe run an outdoor meet or 2 but I don't know.  Doubtful now that I'll run 55 this year, be lucky to go 56.  But, so far it's been a good run.  I've raced 8 USATF Masters National 400m finals since 2012 - 4 indoor and 4 outdoor.  5 National Titles and 2 Silver.   Maybe I'm spoiled?


Friday, February 23, 2018


Back at MTSU for a rare winter workout and the weather was crazy, pushing 80º during the day so I waited til near sunset to get out.   The MTSU team was just finishing up.  Spoke with coaches Dean and Keith.  Also congratulated Abike on her two amazing indoor 400s.... she ran 52.64 - top 10 NCAA.  And, as a primarily 800m runner, she's just learning to use starting blocks.  I told her she should see what she could do in a 200m.  I think she's a sprinter.

Hoka trainers on
400m warmup, stretches, drills
3 x 300m - 44.5, 47.5, 45.5
'split 400' - 300m - 45 / 1 min rest / 100m - 15

As usual, the foot hurt a bit at the start but improved as the workout went on.  I did the first 2 on about 4 min rest, but then took my time for the last 2.  They felt harder than they should have, maybe due to my squats last night.

I'm thinking I might be able to do some consecutive days this weekend.  143.0 lbs after workout.

I'm very happy to have had both my Team USA windbreaker / rain jackets fixed.  New zippers, and an excellent job.   The Rio Kit (L) and London Kit (R).

When you coach for 53 years, they name tracks after you.  Dean Hayes at the Dean Hayes track stadium MTSU, and Mary Birdwell, Birmingham Southern coach, track coach of 53 years.  Her namesake track is at Hoover HS, AL.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yearly physical and bloodwork

Quite a difference from last time when my total cholesterol was 219.

My latest labs showed a total cholesterol of 163.    No drugs!

I can't believe we even had a discussion of taking statins last year.  According to my Dr., even if my total cholesterol was 250,  the 'zero score' on my calcium CT heart scan would not indicate the need for statins.  My chance for a heart attack in the next 15 yrs is about zero.

What changed?  I gave up eggs and butter blend, fried fish and chicken (not that I ever ate a lot), eat very low carb, and a bit less sugar (I still eat sugar).  I also have been taking supposedly heart healthy supplements: CoQ10, plant sterols, and niacin.  Dr. Paul, a man of mainstream medical science says these supplements don't do squat... zip... nothing.

One thing to note, the main difference between the previous test and the most recent was diet and training.  The previous test was 3 weeks after the season ended in Aug and I had gained 6 lbs eating bread and butter.

Dr. Paul and I like to debate on the conventional wisdom of medicine.  For example, I told him I thought flu shots were a scam, he disagreed.  One thing we did agree on was the healthful affects of light fasting and simply eating less.

It all comes down to choices, those who choose wrongly have an apparent sense of entitlement.... the kind of entitlement I felt after ending my season last August and gaining weight.

My favorite chain restaurant that I frequent at least once a week - Panera Bread - is bread, carb, and pastry heaven.   I eat there ALL the time and I can't remember the last time I had a pastry there.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ramping up

Making up for lost time, past 2 days in a row on the track, past 3 nights in a row on the bike.  And, I may go again to the bike tonight since I'll have tomorrow off.   Today was warm and windy, mostly sunny in the morning, 67º at the track at 10:30am.  Not used to training in the warm, and with most of the track in the sun, it felt warmer.

The foot seems to be improving.  I'm hoping it will be 100% by next week.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 600m - 1:49.5, 1:49.5 
300m - 45
This is the most volume I've done in a while and the foot felt better than yesterday particularly by the end of the workout.  I've found that it helps to take off the training shoes in between runs and walk in my socks.  I kept it easy on the 600s, nothing faster than 17-18 sec 100m pace.  But, I ran a 300m at 15 sec 100m pace to finish.  It felt OK.  Not much pain.  Now with 2 days off the track W-Th, I should be ready to work out hard at MTSU on Fri.  I may do something Thurs night, bike or gym.

143.4 lbs after workout.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Back on track

Back on the track, and I have a lot of work to do and not much time.  Nice day, 66º but windy.  My foot is better but far from 100%.   At least I can walk normally and without pain.   Much better than a week ago when I was limping, perhaps about the same as it was 2 weeks ago when I was on the track 3 days in a row.   I didn't push it today, nothing faster than 16-17 sec 100m pace.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 400m w/ 2:30 rest - 69, 71 
400m - 65.5
I almost stopped right after starting the last 400 when I felt that tugging on the sole of my foot, but kept going as it wasn't very painful.  I could tell I have work to do, usually I could run 3 x 400m about 71 avg with 2 min rest.  Couldn't do that today.   The problem is that I have no time to get to the track except for tomorrow and Friday this week.  And, I probably shouldn't do 2 days in a row now that I'm just getting back.

I'll tell you, the previous 2 night on the bike gave me a thigh pump far greater than any running I've done.  I just wonder that the bike is too far away from the specificity of running, but it sure does provide a muscular and aerobic workout.  I pushes my heart rate as high as anything on the track.  I think I'll probably do bike again instead of track tomorrow.

I ran with the arch support orthodics and the interesting thing is, the feet are really different.  The inserts are exactly the same, but the right foot, I can't feel the insert, it's totally comfortable.  On my plantar afflicted left foot, I can feel the arch support pushing against my sole.  Perhaps due to swelling or a flatter foot, I don't know.

In an additional improvement to my Hoka trainers unrelated to my foot injury, I cut up some old shoe sole inserts and added a bit more padding to the outside of my foot where I strike.  I really like the feel of the shoes with these additions.

143.5 lbs after workout.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting some heel cups and a Brookstone foot massage machine as recommended by my Dr.    Hope these will help.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


I think I'll hold off til tomorrow before I try to run.  I got a great workout on the bike yesterday and I think I'll continue with that.   Alan T. told me he trains on the bike, and he's world class.  Theron recently suggested it and I think it's a good idea.  I just need to learn how to use the bike.  The gym has 2 types, a Cybex and a Lifestyle.

I was on the Cybex and chose the speed workout.  It basically was a sprint interval workout where I sprint all out for 15 sec. with 45 sec slow pedaling rest.  I did 2 sets of 8 of these and it was tough.  It pushed my heart rate to over 160, something that I don't get from pool running.

Afterward, I did a set of squats and glute machine.
Cybex bike - 2 x 8 x15 sec sprints w/ 45 sec rest  
single leg squats - 10x each leg w/ 80 lbs 
glute machine - 60x each leg w/ 280 lbs
I went to the Sewanee indoor meet.  Smallest college track meet I've ever seen.  Some events had just 2 people, they ran the men and women's 3000m together, 2 men and 2 women... the pair of women ran together and were chatting all during the race.    By the time the 4x400 relays were run, 2 teams for the men and 3 for the women, I was one of 6 total spectators left.  They canceled the last event, the DMR.

I talked with several people about plantar fasciitis.  Jeff said stretching was the key, Mary said rolling the foot on ice, and several said just takes time.

I must say it feels much better but I don't want to push it.  I will go out tomorrow and run a little on grass to test it.  After tomorrow, my next opportunity to train on the track is Friday, so it will be a light week.

I really wished I could have raced in this meet, would have been fun.

Friday, February 16, 2018


I've decided to focus on Nationals and not race any more meets before then.   I want to be able to train at full capacity in 2 weeks if possible and I've taken more than a week off from the track.

My foot feels much better and I got a small-dose cortisone shot today long with some other treatment protocols.

I'll be cross training tomorrow, and I expect to test the water and try a light track workout Sunday.  If it's not ready, I'll continue to cross train.  I think I can do well on the bike for a while, (as suggested by Theron).   I've not exercised in 3 days, but my weight is good and I'm ready to get back to it.

The Nationals are particularly stacked in the short sprints with Lonnie, Chris, Don, and Rob.  The 400m will likely be won by Marcus, the new M55, if he's ready.  I just want to compete at my best level.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pool / weights

Monday, was back at it.   In the pool and weight room.  The foot is slowly improving and I could be back on the track tomorrow, but I think I'll take this time to cross train and let it heal this week and not race on Sat.   I may race on 2/3, but hope to get back on the track this weekend depending on what happens in the Dr's appointment Friday.  Just focused on Nationals and I have time.

Since I ran an FAT split of 26.11 in the first 200m of a 400m after nearly falling down out of the blocks, I think my speed is there, just a few weeks of good training will get me ready for Nationals.  I need to be able to tolerate putting in some volume training.

20 min pool running 
1 x 15 single leg squats w/ 80 lbs each leg 
2 x 45 glute machine 280 lbs 
1 x 25 hip flexor machine  
1 x 25 adductor machine 70lbs
15 pull ups / rows 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rough day

My 400m race today was probably one of the worst in my masters career.  Yes I had foot issues, the usual pain in my heel but it wasn't that.  2 things, poorly executed race and I'm just not in shape to run a 400m.

The killer was the start, I stumbled and almost fell coming out of the blocks, that almost never happens to me, probably due to my lack of blocks practice due to my foot.  With much younger fast guys outside of me I pushed like hell ... too fast.... to catch up and ran a respectable 26.1 first 200m split, after losing the fight to the rail with one of the guys, I tucked in behind a guy and just faded, rigging really hard in the last 20-30m.   I really locked up.  Didn't stay at all relaxed.  My last 200m was a dismal 32 high.  Finished in slowest time I've ever run in a masters 400m race:  59.03  

Despite the slow time, because I executed poorly and rigged up, I felt as exhausted and beaten up as I've felt after running 3+ seconds faster.   I limped home in pain and disgust.   My foot really hurting.  I've been training since Oct. and I have this to show for it.  Pathetic. 

I have to keep in mind that in 2012, I ran a 59 in mid-Jan and came back later that season to win my first Nationals in 55.90.   So, I'm not giving up.  I'll keep fighting.  The way my foot feels, I may not race again til Nationals, and then...  may not have more than once race in me.    

Today, I saw a cross country skier fall early in the race and go from last to Olympic Gold.  I need such a comeback.  

Friday, February 9, 2018


Awesome day in Sewanee, 60º and sunny.  Warm enough to be shirtless.  I was hoping to do more today but the faster the pace, the more stress on my foot.  I ran everything fast today, but not much.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
200m - 26 
50m from blocks  
2 x 55m - 7  
2 x 100m - 13
I ran all sprints with a 2 step rolling start.  The foot was feeling pretty good until the hard 200m.  It actually was a hair under 26, fast for training shoes.   So, I quickly realized that running race pace or 13 sec 100m pace, is what irritates the heel the most.  That and coming out of blocks, which I did just once.  Running a 60 sec 400m, 100m splits at 14-16, is a lot less stressful on the foot.  Anyway, I was really rippin to get my 55m sprints at 7 flat 4 times in a row, with a 2 step rolling start.  (I timed the 55m split in both 100s). I rarely race a 55m but my PR is just 7.23.  I think I could run in that ballpark now and I'll find out in a week in Sewanee.  I think I have the speed and could run a decent 200m right now, but it looks as if I won't race one until Nationals.  I think I have the speed but not the speed endurance.

I really wanted to do more volume today, I almost grit my teeth and ran a fast 300m in pain at the end of the workout, but decided not to kill it.  I have tomorrow off and race Sunday morning.  I even looked into racing a 200m at the Crossplex college meet on Monday, and I think coach Ken would have let me if I made a case, but he said there were no unattached accepted but he would consider putting me in if I really needed the race.  I didn't want to make a case for it because I remember how bad my foot felt after Millrose. I'd hate to have him put me in then scratch.

I am lighter than I have been in a long while:  142.5 lbs after workout.  Definitely have my race body on.  It took a lot of effort and diet to get here.

Sunday's meet

The Dunamis Supermeet is the first indoor meet in GA that I've ever heard of.  With all the masters in Atlanta, just 30 min away, I expected more racers.  They have 2 masters divisions: under M40 and M40 and over.  So, in my heat of the M40+ 400m, there is a fast M45 guy (ran 54 last yr) and a few M70 guys and an unknown M50 guy, just 5 of us.  Being second seed, I have a good lane: 6.  So, I'll start blind and try to beat the fast guy to the break.  It looks like a real nice track, a banked 200m, I think it's Mondo.  This was assembled at a convention center specifically for this 5 day meet for all ages.   I hope this becomes a tradition.  Nice to have indoor track in Atlanta.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

200m tempo

42º with mist and dense fog at the Sewanee track at 9am, visibility about 50m.  Out to do a brief maintenance workout.  If you have very little time, with a good effort, this workout will kick your butt in about 5 min (after warmup).  I often do 2 sets of these but with my foot issue and this being my 3 day in a row on the track, I did one set.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 30.5, 30.5, 31.5, 32  

This was an OK set, slightly slower than I was doing in '15-'16.  I did set of these about the same avg speed after running a massive (for me) over distance workout of 2000m exactly a year ago.   So, I've been in better shape.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get a similar over distance workout in before Nationals.

The plantar issue doesn't seem to be getting worse, which is good.  Maybe I'm getting over this.  I am used to it hurting most during the warmup jog, then as I do my dynamic stretches and drills, it feels much better.  Side leg swings seem to massage the heel in such a way that helps prepare it for running.  Tomorrow I will be off from the track.

Time to do some ab work before I take a day off tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

neg split 400 / 120s

42º cloudy, misty and damp in Sewanee.  The track was steaming this morning as rain evaporated off.  Not much wind and the fog/mist clearing, so it was good weather to train.

The foot felt much better this morning and I was hoping I was beginning to see some improvement.  It definitely is improving but still not good as I noticed in my warmup jog.   But, after warmup stretches, it was ok.  Went from ok, to pain, back to ok in time to get this second consecutive day done, although a very minimal workout.
Hoka trainers on  
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m negative split - 60.5 (30.5 / 30) 
3 x 120m w/ 30 sec rest - 17, 17.5, 18.5
I did the 120s on the straight to save the foot.  Considering 2 days in a row on the track, the foot feels ok.  So much better than Sat. after the race.  I may even go out tomorrow early if it's not raining.

145.0 lbs after workout.   Going to be getting really lean this week due to a blood work fast.

Monday, February 5, 2018


I finally got someone in Daegu to send me the photo I paid for after my log in wouldn't work.  Here it is in full resolution click on it or scroll to the right to see it all.  WMACi '17 M55 200m Final.   Hard to believe almost a year has passed since this meet.

3x3 w/ 2

Sunny and 36º with not much wind, felt fine for a t-shirt for this brief tempo workout in Sewanee.  I had elaborately taped my foot for this workout but after 250m of a warmup jog, I removed it.  It seemed to make it worse.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47, 48, 49.5
Have run this workout faster and when looking back, I am amazed at the volume I had been putting in just a year ago.  More than twice as much as I did today.  I guess that's what is necessary to run 1.5 seconds faster for the 400.   This was better than the same set I ran 2 weeks ago.  But I have previously been in good enough shape to run 4 of these w/ 2 min rest.  Today, no way.  The last one was a very hard effort to get it below 50.   I was on my knees afterward.

It was about all my foot could take as I am going to be back out tomorrow, probably take Wed and Thurs off, then back out Friday, meet Sunday.

145.3 after workout.  I expect to slim down a lot this week since I have to fast for annual blood work.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Millrose 2018

Millrose Champions: Masters 4x400m
The 110th edition of the Millrose Games was everything I hoped for.  My Greater Philadelphia Track Club M50 team won the Gold, beating 8 teams, including four M40 teams.  Granted, SW Sprinters weren't there, and some teams were so slow they were lapped, but we'll take it.  We ran a 3:51.21, the four of us averaging 57.8.   Good, but 4.37 seconds slower than our '16 team.

The Race
I was expecting Mark W. to win the leg with John and Delvin battling close to even.  John ran a helluva leg and had a step on Mark and Delvin coming around the final turn.  He gave everything and was beginning to slow as Mark and Delvin were pulling even, so I took the stick early in the zone compared to Chuck and the Garmin runner, so John got to run a 395m leg, running it in about 55.5.  Delvin actually handed off ahead to Chuck but since he was outside of me, I took the rail and went out hard.  I took about a 10m lead on the pack and looking at the video, my actual 200m split - finish line to finish line, (not from handoff) was around 26.2.   I led the whole leg but the Garmin runner made up several meters on me in last 150, and was just a step behind by the time I passed to Bruce.  My second 200 was pretty slow, about 31 flat, so my actual split was 57.2ish from finish line to finish line for my leg.  Bruce got the lead initially but was passed on the first back stretch and Garmin took the lead.  Bruce stayed with him, not letting him extend his lead beyond 10m.
Near the 200m mark of my leg (No 2)

The bizarre finish
Ray got the baton from Bruce and made up several meters on the first lap on M40 Garmin runner, and continued gaining on him on the back stretch until something totally bizarre happened.  I mean, John and I watched it over and over again at Coogan's at dinner on his phone, and we could not stop laughing...   Due to the sudden switch of cameras as the incident happened, I could not be sure what happened to trigger the Garmin runner to go down.  As Ray swung clearly out into lane 2 to pass, he said the Garmin runner (presumably mistakenly) hit him with his baton as his arm swung back. Then, the next thing you see is Ray executing his pass and what appears to be the Garmin runner taking a swipe at Ray with his left hand, losing his balance in the process, and falling.  It looked like an act of either anger or desperation, not sure which, maybe both.  In the fall, he almost tripped the Mass Velocity runner, certainly slowing him down, actually wouldn't have mattered anyway, Ray ran a great leg and got to break the Millrose finish line tape.  We won.


Mid-Atlantic Masters Athlete of the Year

Prior to the meet, we got to warm up on the track and Chuck S. presented me the Mid-Atlantic USATF Masters Athlete of the Year Award as my teammates assembled for a photo.   It was nice.  If it weren't for team leadership and organization from Chuck, I probably wouldn't be inclined to participate as much.  He has been a great facilitator, and has helped me out alot, including rides to and from my hotel to the meet.

As I entered the track, I got to see my family - Dad, Tom, Kris, and Tiano were in the bleachers.  It was a great moment.  I joined dad and the family in a great seat and watched some of the meet until Tom and Kris left for a while.  I didn't see them again so it was a short visit.  Dad made it to Coogan's and after a long wait, we got a table.  It was a nice time.  Really happy to have had Dad and all there.

Yelverton men

The Meet
During the elite part of the meet, I got a track side standing spot to watch it all.  I was right in front of the start of the elite women's 300m where Shaunae Miller tied the 25 yr old world record.  I saw the elite pros, Asafa Powell, Ronny Baker, Tori Bowie, and Emma Coburn.   Coburn seemed exceptionally relaxed and beautiful as I saw her run by me about 15 times in the 3000m race.  Olympians were everywhere.  What surprised me is that they didn't ever once enforce the "one and done" rule for false starts.  Shaunae Miller false started on the first gun during the 300m when she tied the WR.  I know there are cameras everywhere but there seemed to be no officials watching the lines on the far turn, surprising for a meet like this.   (Heck, I've seen more line watchers at Masters Nationals and at Sewanee).

I saw Emma Coburn eating with the pros at a nearby table at Coogan's afterward and made the comment to her, "It's nice to see the pros eat french fries."  They laughed.  My dad got to meet the owner and they apparently hit it off.  The owner (Peter Walsh, I think) came over to my table and mentioned to me he enjoyed talking with my dad.   It was nice.

Afterward/ Forward
The race took a serious toll on my foot, the plantar issue really was aggravated and I was limping the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday walking through the airport.  As I write this on Sunday night after a workout of single leg squats (2 x 12 w/ 80lbs each leg) and glute machine (2 x 55 w/ 320 lbs each leg), the foot feels much better.  Saturday night I felt almost crippled but I think Monday
I will be back on the track for a workout.  I gained a bit of weight on the trip eating hotel food, but not too bad.  Should be ready to race my last indoor 400m before Nationals this Sunday.  Unless my foot really improves, I doubt I'll race the 400m at the Sewanee 160m track.  It's a really slow track for the 400m, 6 of 16 college men at the Sat meet here in Sewanee ran over 58!   Maybe I'll just run the 55m.