Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fast long Saturday sprints and blocks

Sunny and spring-like, in the 50s on the Dean Hayes Track this noon. I decided to do some quality sprints. I wanted to do an event run 400m just to see if I'd rig up. Well, I didn't but I certainly slowed down.

I also made a slight block set adjustment, first change since highschool. Still testing but it certainly feels good.

For the 400m, I was nervous... thinking, 'this will hurt.' Actually, it wasn't too bad. I'd like to think it wasn't 100%, but sure close. My goal was 56 (26, 30) but that didn't happen. It was more like 57 (26.5, 30.5)... it might have been 57.5.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

2 x 50m striders

400m event run - 57 (26.5, 30.5)

2 x 200m - 26.5, 27.5


With the blocks in my present configuration, I feel as if I have too much weight on my hands and upon reaction, it takes time to shift that weight to my lead foot. Moving the front foot 1" forward and the rear foot 1" backward puts more weight on the lead foot and seems to make the first step longer and more powerful. It feels more like a plyo and I feel more control and consistency coming out. I'm going to keep working with it and see what happens. I like having my front foot as close to the line as comfortably possible. I got the idea from watching the NCAA championships yesterday.

I think maybe two more good quantity workouts - Sun and Tues, then light. My first race is Friday late afternoon: the 400m. My weight is still up a bit. 141.4 after workout.


  1. breaking cardinal rule to not tinker with technique and starts so late in the season. changing technique is a early season thing.

    1. "Tinkering" with technique is a never ending quest when one seeks perfection. One's body and the stop watch are the judges.

    2. pick 20 college track coaches at random and ask when to adjust start technique

      a) early season
      b) the week before nationals or championship event

      what do you think the answer would be?

  2. Will be interesting to see what Barnwell does, if he shows up (presumably clean). Haven't seen any times for him the last couple of years. I saw him disappear down the straightaway during an NJ senior games 200 a few years ago, right before the suspension. He's compact, very strong, very good acceleration (natch). Good luck and as always, just focus on your own lane ...

  3. 57 or 57.5 seems pretty good in a non competitive situation