Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Indoor workout

I only workout indoor once or twice a year.  It has to be pretty bad before I come inside to train.  Last night it fell below zero up here in Sewanee and today's high was about 16º so the track remained snow covered.   I really am lucky to have this facility to train in, I go at night and have this 160m flat track to myself until 11:00 pm.  This 160m track has 25m straights and 55m turns, so on the inside lane, 300m of a 400m race is run on the turn.  It's not really wise to run hard 200s on this track so I took my measuring wheel and measured a 400m in the outside lane that would eliminate a turn, 4 turns instead of the normal 5 turns in a race (with a break to lane 1).  I knew it would be hard on the body training in here, and it was.
Hoka trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 61.5
300m - 45 
wicket drills
I was surprised to run a 61 in this small circle.  Minus 2 seconds for what it would have been outside. I was going to follow up with 2 x 300m, but after one 300m, my L foot and R hip were taking a beating.  So, I had to stop.  The 300m was hard and a good pump.  Still feeling those squats I did on Sunday.

I've been wanting to get some wickets for form drills, but didn't want to spend $50-60 for a dozen, so I made my own from PVC.  It was easy.  I'll go back tomorrow night for a light workout, wickets and maybe some blocks.  No turns.... running those turns is hard on the body.

Samford Open
Really pissed.... for the first time ever, I drew the dreaded lane one at the meet this Saturday at the Crossplex.  Terrible on that track!   Huge disadvantage, and... I'm not even in the slowest heat.   I don't understand why I'm not in the slowest heat, there are guys in that heat faster than me.   Bummer.   Lane one has to run the entire turn with no bank, compared to the higher lanes which run half the turn and start by running downhill.  Definitely harder on the feet.  Usually, they don't even use lane one for the 400/200, but they are in this meet.  Shit!   Oh well, I ran 56.66 from lane 2 last time.  Lane 5 is choice on that track.  Maybe I can ask to move to a different lane if someone scratches, but I doubt it.  I'm haunted by the time I DQ'd false started from lane 5 in a 200m 2 yrs ago.  There are some elites and Olympians at this meet.  Calvin Smith and Kyle Clemons are in heat 1.

My new wickets....

Monday, January 15, 2018

300m tempo

Good day to train, 41º and mostly sunny with a light breeze in Sewanee.  T-shirt weather.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47, 48, 49 
150m (100m turn/50m straight) - 20
I was definitely sore in the glutes from last nights weight workout.  I added 2 sets of single leg squats with 70 lbs to my usual regime and I felt it today.

My feet were hurting after the warmup lap but felt better after the stretches and drills.  The 300s went pretty well, about as fast as I did the same set in '15, and '16, but I wish I could have done more.  In '15, I did 2 sets of 3x3s.  The limiting factor is my feet.  There were already hurting when I did my last 150m, which felt rather choppy and stiff, run into the wind.  I taped my left foot but I really don't think it did squat.

My weight is finally under control.  144.7 lbs after workout.

Just for the hell of it, I requested entry to the big meet at Vanderbilt this weekend, hoping to save myself some driving time to Birmingham, but was promptly denied by Coach Keith.

Emory's Sunday meet at the Crossplex is a meet that traditionally hosts a lot of masters.  It will be interesting to see who shows, although I'll be running in the Samford meet on Sat.  Last year I ran 56.66 at this meet, so that might be a realistic goal.

I thought about racing on 1/27 at the Crossplex again, but I'll probably take that weekend off, maybe take 2 or 3 days off from the track to give my feet a break, then Millrose, then the last chance on a fast indoor track before Nationals on 2/11 at the GA meet.  Then almost 5 weeks before nationals and in that time, just 2 meets: Sewanee on that miserable 160m flat track on 2/17, then 2 weeks later at Berry outdoors 3/3.     That should be enough to get ready for Nationals.  That's 5 meets plus Millrose, one more than last year and 2 more including Millrose.  This yr., Nationals are about a full month later, and I'll really miss that track in Albuquerque we had for the past 2 yrs.

Bad weather tomorrow with cold and snow expected.  I'll be back on the track in Murfreesboro on Wed, and probably Thurs.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Vanderbilt Commodore Invitational - meet report

400m - 57.02

My fastest first 400m of the season.  Actually, 0.11 faster than I ran in Toronto.   But,  I would expect good times on this 300m Mondo track, it is about the fastest track* I've ever run on.  56.9 would have been better.  3 years ago I ran a PR 55.11 in this meet on 1/17/15, that year I had raced a Dec. meet which I ran 2+ seconds slower on a flat 200m Mondo.  So, improvement is possible.

As a testament of how fast this track is, UTEP's Michael Saruni ran the world's fastest indoor 800m this year in this meet, a facility record 1:45.92 !!

*(Briefly, the reason I think indoor Mondo tracks are better than outdoor Mondos is that they don't weather well outdoors, especially in hot climates.  Outdoor Mondos dry out and lose elasticity and get hard, like the track at LSU.  Indoor Mondos retain elasticity because they're not subject to weather/temperature extremes).

The race
There were just 4 in my heat.  2 college freshman in lanes 2 and 5, and 70 yr old masters, Grady in 4.  I wasn't about to make the same mistake as I made in Toronto and go out too conservatively so, starting blind in lane 6, I pushed it pretty hard at the start.  I got passed by the kid in lane 5 at the top of the first turn, and took second position coming off the turn at the break.  The other kid passed me easily on the back straight.  I stayed with them through the last turn until the final straight where I tied up and they pulled away, finishing in 53 and 54.  If I had saved a little, I might have improved my time.  Grady finished about 80m behind us and still ran a world leading M70 time of 67.  Since it's early in the season, I don't make too much of the fact ( Grady does on FB) that my time is the fastest in the world by almost 4 seconds.  Obviously, many fast people have yet to run.  I just hope I can run like Grady when I'm 70.

Was happy to don the 'Rio kit' uniform.  Feels great.  I did get a few questions about it.  Dave the PA announcer was pretty cool, saying stuff like, "that's 57 yr old William Yelverton on the outside" and "let's see if runs his age, and ... yes he does!"

My feet survived pretty well.  I will be in the weight room tonight and back on the track tomorrow for a tempo workout.  I hope to train M,W,Th this week on the track.  Wed looks tough, could be in the teens, but sunny.

Very happy to be able to still race and be just a few seconds back from the college guys.  Some photos from the race and with the awesome MTSU team.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Daegu Photo Scam

I was able to purchase an excellent high resolution photo from the WMACi World Championship website a few months ago.  The price is ridiculous - $19 per photo, but they are good quality, so I tried to buy another.  After paying $19, I was unable to download it, the website would not accept my login, and all customer service emails were returned as blocked.  There is seemingly no way to reset a password or any way to contact customer service.  They took me.  Bummer.  I could have misspelled my password but my computer remembers the password I submitted.  Doesn't work.  Tried a hundred times with many different passwords. Pissed.

300m event run

Nice day, upper 50ºs and a moderate to stiff wind blowing down the back stretch.  Third day in a row on the track so just keeping it light.  Brought out the blocks and spikes.

Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, roller, drills 
2 x 50m accelerations 
50m from blocks 
Puma spikes on 
50m acceleration 
2 x 40m from blocks 
300m event run - (turn-straight-turn) 40.8 (26.2, 14.6) 
Hoka trainers on 

Starting from blocks at the 400m start in lane 6, I fell a little short of my goal of 40 for the 300, but thanks to a tailwind, I hit the 200 at about pace in 26.  The headwind hit me halfway through the turn and my 3rd 100 was a slow 14.6ish.  Call it 41, ok for this time of year, but only about 57ish pace.

I don't know what it is about running in spikes, but it really irritates my left heel issue.  Very sore immediately afterward.  Frustrating because I really wanted to do more today, but the 300m used up any level of comfort I brought to the track.  This injury is very strange.  The 300m left me with significant heel pain, but a few hours latter, time in the hot tub and some massage, felt much better.

Will take the day off tomorrow save for some stretching.  Race Sat at Vandy.  Weather looks bad, ice.
144.5 after workout.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3 x 200, 100

Brief shake out work out today since the weather was so nice, 58º and partly sunny with a good wind blowing down the back stretch.
Hoka trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
3 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 28.5, 30, 31 
100m on grass - 13.8 (beep start) 
stretches, drills
Just a touch of exhaustion on the 200s, could not have done a 4th.

Looking back at my 1/15 training week before my PR, nothing was particularly fast or abnormal - except for the highly irregular Thurs workout ... a high school team showed up to run 400m repeats, I ran the first 2 with them... one fast - 60.5, rested 90 sec, and eeked out another in 82.   That was unusual.  I remember my lungs burning after that.  I doubt I will do that tomorrow.

My feet felt ok today, wanted to do more but backed off.   I wonder about the left foot.  The pain doesn't seem in the typical plantar fasciitis place at the front of the heel, it's on the inside/bottom of the heel, leading me to believe it's a bone bruise or possibly a stress fracture.  I would think a stress fracture would hurt more, although it does hurt when I press on it hard.  I guess I should get an xray at some point.  

Weight still ok, 144.8 after workout.

Heat sheets up for Vanderbilt meet
I drew lane 6.  Lane assignments on this 300m track are really unimportant since they don't use lane 1.  The corners aren't too sharp and there are no banks, so lane selection isn't as critical as it would be on a 200m track.   I was really surprised at the level of this meet.  Slowest collegiate is around 54 flat and 30 of 35 entered are below 52.  Happy to see M70 Grady in my heat, one of 3 of us masters at the meet, he'll be shooting to run mid 60s.  My heat is ridiculously seeded.  There are a couple freshmen given NT (no seed time) because it is their first college meet, but one of them I looked up... he ran 49 in high school, the other ran 51.  The slowest collegiate is the son of world class masters sprinter Karnell, probably the fastest M50 guy in the world.  He should be racing in this meet.  He'd definitely beat his son and a host of others.  He's capable of 51-52.  I think he could easily challenge Kahlid for the M50 400m WR, but usually runs the 400H.   So my heat will be really spread out... no traffic.  The leaders will finish 40m+ ahead and Grady should be 50m+ behind.  The only negative thing about lane 6 is that I'll get passed by 3 guys before the break and I break from further outside, but I run the least amount of turn at the start.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

400m / 100s

Warmer today, 49º in Sewanee but with an intermittent wind blowing up the home straight.  I've been a bit sore from the near full speed short sprints I was doing on Monday.   Feel it in my quads.  So, I did a very light one set weight workout yesterday.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
400m - 59 (28.5, 30.5) / rest 90 sec / 100m - 15.5 
3 x 100m w/ 30 sec rest on grass  ~15 - 15.5
I set my timer for goal splits of 14,15,15,15.   My actual splits were approx 14, 14.5, 15.2, 15.3.   I ran the first 200m easy, and the last 200m with much more effort, and into a wind.  If I can cut 2 sec off my first 200m, I think I can run under 58 since today, I was running with training shoes on a wet track.  (Per usual, I take a 2 or 3 step running start when not using blocks).

The fact that I've been sore after working on my short game ... 50s - 150s with full acceleration, tells me that I need more work in this area.  It may also have been THE missing piece of my training at the end of the season, as I was really fixated on speed endurance.  Might explain my lack of progress.  The high intensity stuff is also harder on my feet.  Feeling the plantar issue a bit more today.  Need to stay away from the spikes.

Looking back to 2015 at the week I ran my PR 55.11 at Vandy, I was doing low volume that week, 700-900m workouts.  Maybe less is more.

After perseverance, my weight is almost to optimum.  144.3 after workout.  I should be good by Sat.

Going to eat a little carb, some blueberries, and curcumin (tumeric), and a NSAID.  If my soreness goes away, I may go out again tomorrow for a light shake out workout.  It's supposed to be mid 50ºs next 2 days although windy with a chance of rain.