Thursday, June 4, 2020

4,3,2,1 - blast off

More like summer, mid 70's with increased humidity tonight, under a full moon with a light breeze.  I felt more like sprinting tonight than really working out.  So, I just did this speed workout, which accomplished little except to reassure me that I can still run fast.

Hoka trainers on
200m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 59.60 (29.57, 30.03) 
300m - 40.88  (12.54, 13.31, 15.03) 
200m - 25.94 (12.34, 13.59) 
100m - 12.74
All sprints except the 100m were done with a 2 or 3 step rolling start, the 100m from 3 pt. on the line.  The 400m was supposed to be negative split 32/30, but I took off too fast.  The 300m was the best sprint of the night, fastest 300m I've run in over a yr, but it was run more like a true 300m, not like a 400m race pace event run. The 200m splits were very uneven, not sure what that was about, but I did run that turn like crazy. 

This workout was good for practicing speed form, but really not an effective workout.  If I had run 2 more 400s, or 2 x 500m, or limited rest 300s, that would have been better.  But sometimes it's fun to run fast ... because I can.   

Body seems to be holding up, getting leaner.  144 after workout.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

800, 300s

If I recover ok from this workout, it could be a turning point of sorts.  I did some decent volume on the track, including the first 800 in a month, and a 300 faster than yesterday.

73º, dry and calm in Sewanee.  Air is filled with nature's perfume of magnolia and honeysuckle.   Had the track to myself for over an hour.  Was a little apprehensive about a volume workout but an 800 and then some, went just fine.  Nothing more than the usual minor aches. 

Hoka trainers on 
250m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:38.37 
2 x 300m - 43.62, 42.09

What a difference from last time.  I actually felt more like a long sprinter tonight.  I think the big difference was I was 2 lbs lighter tonight.  The 800m was no picnic, but I did it about even split.  The first 300m was just relaxed, surprised it was as fast as it was.  The second was hard, but relaxed - really focusing on long stride and it made a difference.  It was quite fast, 59 400m pace.  I did resistance yesterday and I think I felt a little more power today. 

Dropped some weight in the past 2 days.   Been eating really small and good.  Lunch was an apple and a half cup of almonds, dinner - two tins of pilchards (fish) and some raw broccoli.  This morning, I woke up at 148.5 lbs.... I looked and thought, 'are you kidding?' because I ate light yesterday.  It finally occurred to me that a lot of calories and weight is lost during deep sleep.  I only slept 4 hours but then took naps during the day and by the time I left for the track, I was 4 lbs lighter than when I woke up!   Weight after workout:  143.9  lbs

If my recovery goes ok after this workout, I may be able to do a 3x3 tempo set or a more over-distance or split intervals.  Pain awaits.  Happy to be running. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Back on the track

I keep saying this the but the weather was perfect again yesterday evening, clear 69º, dry, light breeze.   As I warmed up, I felt the usual aches but after warmup, felt fine and decided to try the track instead of the turf. 

Hoka trainers on  
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
100m on the turn - 13.20 
2 x 300m - 42.50, 43.38

I was pretty daunted by this workout.  It was not much but it was exhausting.  Both 300s kicked my butt.  I realized how far out of shape I am,  a little heavy, and a long ways to go and not sure my body will hold up to get there.   It takes a huge effort to get from a 60 sec 400m to a 57ish.  I'd be hard pressed to break 60 right now. 

Maybe I'll try some more ambitious turf workouts alternating with track workouts.  I need foundation and long sprint tempo repeats.  I'm thinking sets of 3x150 with 30 sec rest. 

I think also some lateral strengthening exercises for knees, adds, abds, and some non-weighted squats also. 

Fortunately, my knee didn't swell after this workout.  Far from perfect, but it feels fine. 

Tired of being a little heavy.  146.3 after workout.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Puma: Now that is customer service!

Have a little time on my hands, so...

On a lark, I looked up the Puma company CEO's email. Bjørn Gulden has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PUMA since July 2013.  I sent him this email:

With the fading effect of the Usain Bolt era, Puma is using basically the same design sprint shoe from 10 years ago. The plate is the same but the upper is different. The new knit upper isn’t what sprinters like, knit fabric just doesn't lock down tight, the way other synthetics do. If you have a track and field product development department, please forward. The best sprint shoe Puma ever developed was the Puma Bolt evoSPEED Sprint LTD - with the golf ball style dimple outer. All sprinters loved this shoe, it is lighter, tighter, and more aerodynamic than the present shoe. I would hope Puma could return to this style. it worked for Usain Bolt. This was your best sprint shoe. I believe it came out in 2013.  

Shockingly, Mr. Gulden, CEO of Puma, responded almost immediately from Norway:

Thx William We have new uppers and new plates in development for Tokyo. I will give you input to the team. I am sure they will contact you!
Thx for contacting me! BG

This isn't the first time I've ever written to a company CEO, but I think it is the first time I ever received a personal response. 

How about that?

I actually don't mind the old style plate that Puma uses, since I can use my risers with it... which now are obsolete in the Nike and Adidas world.   I have enough of these old style Pumas to last me the rest of my Masters career, I'm fairly certain.  But, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.  I seriously doubt I will hear from Puma's development team, but... you never know.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

less but faster

I keep saying it's perfect here, and tonight was no exception.  69º and beautiful at the Sewanee track.  It started the way it has been a lot recently.  Felt poor in my warmup jog, but felt fine after warmup.  Ran less today but faster.  Still on turf.
Hoka trainer on 
400m warmup stretches, drills 
4 x 100m w/ 30 sec rest on turf ~ 14.7 - 16.2 
2 x 150m w/ 40 sec rest on turf - 19.91, 20.96

Wanted to do more, but less is more and I'll be back ....  145.3 lbs after workout.

After the biggest single day rain event in 6 yrs here yesterday, 4.75" in 14 hrs,  Saturday will bring a week of sunny dry weather with a warming trend from mid 70ºs to the mid 80ºs by late week.  It's going to be cool at night, overnight lows will be great - 50ºs this weekend to low to mid 60ºs late next week.

Talked with the JAC meet director, they said their meets for July are still on, although they had to cancel their May meet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

100s again

Same workout as I've done now 3 times, 10 x 100m w/ 30 sec rest on turf.   Beautiful evening, about 69ª and mostly cloudy. 

Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
10 x 100m ~ 16-17 w/ 30 sec rest on turf

This workout isn't getting much easier, but I did run the last one in 15 sec., which was hard after 9.  I did  resistance yesterday, and am trying to bring my weight down.  A little frustrated that I can't train as hard as I want to, but that shouldn't stop me from getting light and fit.  I'm probably going to run every third day and bike and do weights every third day.   145.5 lbs after workout

Bad news on the Jacksonville Athletic Club meets.   Apparently they are looking for a new venue and canceled their first meet which was May 30.  Hopefully, their other meets will happen.  If they don't, there will be only 2 or 3 other possibilities to race, one in Atlanta 7/25, and 2 others but far away, Indianapolis 7/18 and Enterprise, AL 8/1.  It's not looking promising. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

150s, 100s

Back to running today and it felt ok.  I changed it up a bit with some 150s and hard 100s, all on turf.  Splendid evening at Sewanee, mid 70ºs, calm winds, fair skies.
Hoka trainers on  
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
6 x 150m on turf w/ 50 sec rest - 22.5 - 25 
2 x 100m on turf - 12.84, 12.84
The last time I did 150's on turf I ran 10, on May 4.  This time I ran them a bit faster, and finished with 2 x 100m hard on turf.  Amazingly, both 100s were the exact same time to the 100/th.   I felt like I wanted to do more, but thought this is good if I want to try and run again on Tues. 

I did this workout on 2 days rest from running, although I did Roarks Cove hill climb on the bike on my 'days off'.  I need to really hit some resistance tomorrow.  Long overdue. 

I'm a bit heavy, before the workout I was 146 high,  and I need to get down about 3 lbs at least.  Right now my daily range is 145 -149.  Should be 141-145.   

I'm in ok shape, probably lost a little since I've been going with 2 days rest a few times and not doing the long sprints on the track.  I still think I can break 60 in a 400, and thats what I mean by ok shape.   From OK shape to elite would only take about 4-5 weeks of injury free training. 

Went for a nice bike ride after the workout to burn some more calories.  Very summer like weather pattern for the next 10 days... mid 70ºs and a chance of showers or storms every day.