Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yearly physical and bloodwork

Quite a difference from last time when my total cholesterol was 219.

My latest labs showed a total cholesterol of 163.    No drugs!

I can't believe we even had a discussion of taking statins last year.  According to my Dr., even if my total cholesterol was 250,  the 'zero score' on my calcium CT heart scan would not indicate the need for statins.  My chance for a heart attack in the next 15 yrs is about zero.

What changed?  I gave up eggs and butter blend, fried fish and chicken (not that I ever ate a lot), eat very low carb, and a bit less sugar (I still eat sugar).  I also have been taking supposedly heart healthy supplements: CoQ10, plant sterols, and niacin.  Dr. Paul, a man of mainstream medical science says these supplements don't do squat... zip... nothing.

One thing to note, the main difference between the previous test and the most recent was diet and training.  The previous test was 3 weeks after the season ended in Aug and I had gained 6 lbs eating bread and butter.

Dr. Paul and I like to debate on the conventional wisdom of medicine.  For example, I told him I thought flu shots were a scam, he disagreed.  One thing we did agree on was the healthful affects of light fasting and simply eating less.

It all comes down to choices, those who choose wrongly have an apparent sense of entitlement.... the kind of entitlement I felt after ending my season last August and gaining weight.

My favorite chain restaurant that I frequent at least once a week - Panera Bread - is bread, carb, and pastry heaven.   I eat there ALL the time and I can't remember the last time I had a pastry there.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ramping up

Making up for lost time, past 2 days in a row on the track, past 3 nights in a row on the bike.  And, I may go again to the bike tonight since I'll have tomorrow off.   Today was warm and windy, mostly sunny in the morning, 67º at the track at 10:30am.  Not used to training in the warm, and with most of the track in the sun, it felt warmer.

The foot seems to be improving.  I'm hoping it will be 100% by next week.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 600m - 1:49.5, 1:49.5 
300m - 45
This is the most volume I've done in a while and the foot felt better than yesterday particularly by the end of the workout.  I've found that it helps to take off the training shoes in between runs and walk in my socks.  I kept it easy on the 600s, nothing faster than 17-18 sec 100m pace.  But, I ran a 300m at 15 sec 100m pace to finish.  It felt OK.  Not much pain.  Now with 2 days off the track W-Th, I should be ready to work out hard at MTSU on Fri.  I may do something Thurs night, bike or gym.

143.4 lbs after workout.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Back on track

Back on the track, and I have a lot of work to do and not much time.  Nice day, 66º but windy.  My foot is better but far from 100%.   At least I can walk normally and without pain.   Much better than a week ago when I was limping, perhaps about the same as it was 2 weeks ago when I was on the track 3 days in a row.   I didn't push it today, nothing faster than 16-17 sec 100m pace.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 400m w/ 2:30 rest - 69, 71 
400m - 65.5
I almost stopped right after starting the last 400 when I felt that tugging on the sole of my foot, but kept going as it wasn't very painful.  I could tell I have work to do, usually I could run 3 x 400m about 71 avg with 2 min rest.  Couldn't do that today.   The problem is that I have no time to get to the track except for tomorrow and Friday this week.  And, I probably shouldn't do 2 days in a row now that I'm just getting back.

I'll tell you, the previous 2 night on the bike gave me a thigh pump far greater than any running I've done.  I just wonder that the bike is too far away from the specificity of running, but it sure does provide a muscular and aerobic workout.  I pushes my heart rate as high as anything on the track.  I think I'll probably do bike again instead of track tomorrow.

I ran with the arch support orthodics and the interesting thing is, the feet are really different.  The inserts are exactly the same, but the right foot, I can't feel the insert, it's totally comfortable.  On my plantar afflicted left foot, I can feel the arch support pushing against my sole.  Perhaps due to swelling or a flatter foot, I don't know.

In an additional improvement to my Hoka trainers unrelated to my foot injury, I cut up some old shoe sole inserts and added a bit more padding to the outside of my foot where I strike.  I really like the feel of the shoes with these additions.

143.5 lbs after workout.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting some heel cups and a Brookstone foot massage machine as recommended by my Dr.    Hope these will help.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


I think I'll hold off til tomorrow before I try to run.  I got a great workout on the bike yesterday and I think I'll continue with that.   Alan T. told me he trains on the bike, and he's world class.  Theron recently suggested it and I think it's a good idea.  I just need to learn how to use the bike.  The gym has 2 types, a Cybex and a Lifestyle.

I was on the Cybex and chose the speed workout.  It basically was a sprint interval workout where I sprint all out for 15 sec. with 45 sec slow pedaling rest.  I did 2 sets of 8 of these and it was tough.  It pushed my heart rate to over 160, something that I don't get from pool running.

Afterward, I did a set of squats and glute machine.
Cybex bike - 2 x 8 x15 sec sprints w/ 45 sec rest  
single leg squats - 10x each leg w/ 80 lbs 
glute machine - 60x each leg w/ 280 lbs
I went to the Sewanee indoor meet.  Smallest college track meet I've ever seen.  Some events had just 2 people, they ran the men and women's 3000m together, 2 men and 2 women... the pair of women ran together and were chatting all during the race.    By the time the 4x400 relays were run, 2 teams for the men and 3 for the women, I was one of 6 total spectators left.  They canceled the last event, the DMR.

I talked with several people about plantar fasciitis.  Jeff said stretching was the key, Mary said rolling the foot on ice, and several said just takes time.

I must say it feels much better but I don't want to push it.  I will go out tomorrow and run a little on grass to test it.  After tomorrow, my next opportunity to train on the track is Friday, so it will be a light week.

I really wished I could have raced in this meet, would have been fun.

Friday, February 16, 2018


I've decided to focus on Nationals and not race any more meets before then.   I want to be able to train at full capacity in 2 weeks if possible and I've taken more than a week off from the track.

My foot feels much better and I got a small-dose cortisone shot today long with some other treatment protocols.

I'll be cross training tomorrow, and I expect to test the water and try a light track workout Sunday.  If it's not ready, I'll continue to cross train.  I think I can do well on the bike for a while, (as suggested by Theron).   I've not exercised in 3 days, but my weight is good and I'm ready to get back to it.

The Nationals are particularly stacked in the short sprints with Lonnie, Chris, Don, and Rob.  The 400m will likely be won by Marcus, the new M55, if he's ready.  I just want to compete at my best level.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pool / weights

Monday, was back at it.   In the pool and weight room.  The foot is slowly improving and I could be back on the track tomorrow, but I think I'll take this time to cross train and let it heal this week and not race on Sat.   I may race on 2/3, but hope to get back on the track this weekend depending on what happens in the Dr's appointment Friday.  Just focused on Nationals and I have time.

Since I ran an FAT split of 26.11 in the first 200m of a 400m after nearly falling down out of the blocks, I think my speed is there, just a few weeks of good training will get me ready for Nationals.  I need to be able to tolerate putting in some volume training.

20 min pool running 
1 x 15 single leg squats w/ 80 lbs each leg 
2 x 45 glute machine 280 lbs 
1 x 25 hip flexor machine  
1 x 25 adductor machine 70lbs
15 pull ups / rows 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rough day

My 400m race today was probably one of the worst in my masters career.  Yes I had foot issues, the usual pain in my heel but it wasn't that.  2 things, poorly executed race and I'm just not in shape to run a 400m.

The killer was the start, I stumbled and almost fell coming out of the blocks, that almost never happens to me, probably due to my lack of blocks practice due to my foot.  With much younger fast guys outside of me I pushed like hell ... too fast.... to catch up and ran a respectable 26.1 first 200m split, after losing the fight to the rail with one of the guys, I tucked in behind a guy and just faded, rigging really hard in the last 20-30m.   I really locked up.  Didn't stay at all relaxed.  My last 200m was a dismal 32 high.  Finished in slowest time I've ever run in a masters 400m race:  59.03  

Despite the slow time, because I executed poorly and rigged up, I felt as exhausted and beaten up as I've felt after running 3+ seconds faster.   I limped home in pain and disgust.   My foot really hurting.  I've been training since Oct. and I have this to show for it.  Pathetic. 

I have to keep in mind that in 2012, I ran a 59 in mid-Jan and came back later that season to win my first Nationals in 55.90.   So, I'm not giving up.  I'll keep fighting.  The way my foot feels, I may not race again til Nationals, and then...  may not have more than once race in me.    

Today, I saw a cross country skier fall early in the race and go from last to Olympic Gold.  I need such a comeback.