Friday, April 20, 2018

3 hard sprints

Waited til after day 1 of the SAA Conference meet was over in Sewanee and squeezed in a workout between the track meet and a lacrosse game.  Perfect day, upper 60ºs and sunny.

I took 2 days off after the previous track workout and I think I bit off a bit too much starting with a hard 400.  After that, I was toast.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 61.5 (30.5, 31) 
300m - 45.5 
200m - 29
My right foot hurt a bit more than expected and each sprint felt hard.  Not as good a workout as last Tues.  Next time I won't start with a hard 400m.  Any thought of running at the Nashville Masters meet in 2 weeks was dashed today.  I'm not in shape.  I took the last 200m a bit easy because my foot and hip had started to hurt.

147 lbs after workout.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

first real track workout in a month

Beautiful day on the mountain.  60º and sunny at noon, breezy with temps climbing into the upper 60ºs by early afternoon.  Shirtless training weather.

Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
600m - 1:46.5 
         5 min rest 
200m - 27 
         full rest 
400m - 62.5 (31.5, 31) 
         5 min rest 
200m - 27.5

 I was planning to do 2 x 600m but I thought some faster stuff would be better.   I ran the 600m in my older Hokas and it felt ok, nothing really hard.   I changed into the new Clifton 3s supplemented with inserts and wow, did they feel supper springy in the next 200m.  Hope they stay that way for a while.  After a good long rest - about 15-20 min, I decided to run a negative split 400m.  I set a goal at 62 (32, 30).  The first 200 was just under 32 but felt too easy, I was thinking I had miss set my timer.  I finished just a step short of 62, and it really wasn't all that exhausting.  Surprising.  The last 200m run into the wind really wasted me.  I was particularly exhausted ... the type of whole body fatigue that knocks me off my feet.  I had to sit in the shade for 10 min before I could get on my feet to walk to my car.  It was a killer.  So, not bad a day... 1400m of work.  I think I might be able to break 60 in a 400m, despite just beginning this training cycle.

Still a bit heavy, 146.4 after workout.  Feet are holding up ok.  Plantar issue is almost gone.

Beautiful spring day... quite a rebound from yesterday when I woke up to a dusting of snow.  Was also freezing last night.   Sewanee Conference Meet on this track Friday and Sat.

sporting my new Hoka Clifton 3s and CW-X tights

Sunday, April 15, 2018

back, sort of

Back to the track for my first real track workout in a month.  I didn't do much but I felt ok.  Bad weather, 45º, breezy, cloudy, damp, track was wet.  To give myself maximum protection, I warmed up in my older Hokas and put fresh padded socks and my new Hokas on when I started my sprints.  I used the plantar inserts for extra padding.  The feet felt ok.  The plantar issue seemed almost gone but the right foot was a bit sore after the 700m of sprints.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
200m - 28 
300m - 45.5 
200m - 29
I ran the 200s the opposite way.  The 300 felt hard.  I'm probably not able to run a sub 60 right now.  When I get this out of shape, the difficulty transcends simple fatigue into a sickly feeling.  Nothing takes the place of this type of training.  Overall, it went well compared to last week.  Well enough that I may go out again on Tues.  I really need some foundation.  Like some 600s.

Of all the plantar inserts I've tried, the cheapest $8 Profoot ones seem to be the best.  Some people spend $80+ for custom inserts. 

145.9 lbs after workout.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

moving hurdles

After a good morning mountain bike ride, I spent Friday late afternoon at my hometown track meet volunteering... moving hurdles, watching handoff zones, etc...   After spending 4 hrs on my feet, I went and did a short weight workout, glute and adductors.  

2 x 55 glute machine - 340 lbs
1 x 25 adductor machine - 150 lbs
500m - rowing machine

Today, Sat. it's raining most of the day and is supposed to get much cooler, probably only in the 40ºs tomorrow, so I'm going to stay off my feet, do some ab work and give it another try on the track tomorrow.  I'm doubtful for the Nashville Masters meet on May 5, just 3 weeks away since I have not had any meaningful track workouts in a month.  Might try and start competing again at the Atlanta Relays in 6 weeks and Birmingham SE Masters is in 7 weeks.  

If it feels ok tomorrow, I could try a real interval workout next Friday, then maybe back to a regular schedule, every other or third day.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Been in the gym 6 days in a row... will need to take Wed-Thurs off. 
Stairmaster, bike, rower, glute machine, and single leg squats have been most of it.  Becoming a gym rat.  Add to all this some outdoor biking.  Even with daily exercise, still 147-148 lbs.  Not too far off optimum.

I may try to run on Friday but may wait as long as til Sunday to try another track workout, we'll see how it feels.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trial run, more cross training

My return to the track today was disappointing.  I did just 6 short stride/sprints and realized my feet aren't well yet.  Improved, and I probably could tolerate some training with minor pain, but not where I want to be.  I'm not ready to launch into a regime of any substantial volume.   It's not like I've been totally resting it... been doing squats, stairmaster, and even ran the stairs 20x in the Fowler Center Sat night (only 23 steps going every other stair, about half what the MTSU stadium has, but 20x full speed is a workout).

Today was the kind of day I usually like to suffer a hard one.  Cool, cloudy, dry, 47º on the Sewanee track.  It felt good to run again despite the minor foot pain.  I ran both on the track and grass.  Had my new Hoka Clifton 3s with my inserts which do help. 
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 50m - at 75% effort
2 x 100m on grass - 14.8, 14.2
I was walking back to do a 3rd 100m, but I thought, better not.  Dissatisfied with the workout, later in the evening, I went to the gym, did some ab work, 2000m on the rower in 8:53, and the usual 6 x 15sec sprint intervals on the bike w/ 45 sec rest.  I did notice a slight amount of knee pain from the squats I've been doing. 

I guess I'll try it again next weekend to run, maybe Friday. 

My weigh 148-150 and I'm feeling in really poor condition.  The May 5 Nashville Masters meet is looking less possible. 

I remember what it feels like to run fast.  Don't know if I'll get there again.  So many things have to work right.  The plantar issue doesn't worry me.  I can stretch and strengthen, I just wonder if the bone issue in my right foot will ever be completely gone.  I remember complaining about this issue 6 yrs ago.  It's nothing new.

Looking at athletes over the yrs, I'd sometimes notice a big drop in times  ... I would think 'what happened to that guy?'     And some who completely disappear from the sport after being elite.  Lee told me he was in the best shape of his life in Toronto but didn't run fast.  I felt about the same way.  I guess my time has come to get slower. 

I am about to embark on what may be a long period of free time.  If I don't teach this summer, it would be nice to be able to train.  Considering the relatively small investment of time training takes, no more than 2 hrs a day, I hope to maybe do some traveling this summer.  It would be nice to make Nationals in Spokane a destination for some touring out west, but I'm not going to make arrangements until I really feel like I can train.  I could put off running for 2 more weeks and still have 14 weeks to train.  We'll see.   Maybe time to also consider life without track and training.  Hard this time of year.