Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pre race day - last indoor meet before Nationals

With the forecast of a tornado outbreak tomorrow squarely located over the route I will be driving, I am reminded of the first time I went to compete at the Mason-Dixon Games and it was cancelled due to weather - snow and ice.

I doubt this type of severe weather will affect an indoor meet, but the travel is my concern. I really don't want to expose my new car to the possibility of severe hail so I may drive my SUV. Fortunately, I'll be driving 11am-2pm (central) arriving around 3ish (eastern time zone), and returning from 8:30 pm -11:30pm (est) arriving 10:30 pm (cst)... depending how long I want to stay and how many events I will run. My travel times are before and after the usual peak times of severe weather.

I look at this as a time trial and workout. The masters/open division of this meet is small and I likely won't be challenged in my age group. However, I may be in heats with younger masters/open sprinters that could offer competition. I am signed up to do 4 events in this order and on this approximate schedule:
4:30 pm - 200m
5:10 pm - 55m
7:00 pm - 400m
8:15 pm - 800m
The only challenge to the schedule is to race the 55m 40min after a 200m. Should be ok but I don't expect a PR in the 55. If I do stay to run the 800m, it would be my first 800 race and after running 3 races, I'm not expecting to run much under 2:30. It really is tiring to race a 200m and 400m ... a lot of calories burned because the races are far enough apart so as to require a separate warmup for each. So, running a fast 800m will be tough and taxing.

I don't want to get my hopes up about running fast times because it is after all, a 50 yr old chewed up wooden track. But, at least I'll get a feel of what it's like to run banked turns before doing it at Nationals on a much better track.

Since the National Masters Championships start two weeks from tomorrow with the 400m, another concern is injury since this is a hard track. I need to remind myself to bail if I feel any significant strains. I feel ok now, just some slight soreness in the haunches from this week's workouts, but I'm taking today off.

My weight is hovering between 140 - 141, a little heavier than last season but I feel lean. Maybe I put on a few pounds of muscle?

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