Thursday, April 30, 2015

new trainers

Saucony Triumph iso - new trainers.   Really cushy and comfortable.  A unique integrated seamless upper, and lots of forefoot padding.  Relatively light for the amount of cushion, in my size, less than 10 oz., or about the same as my well worn Saucony Rides.   Most expensive shoe I've ever bought.  It's a bit more padding and stiff for most people wanting to do speed work, but I'll take it.   Gotta protect the aging body.

These shoes have been getting rave reviews and I'm looking forward to my first session with these.

Thanks again to Dad!

Doc says...

Basically... cool it on the speed work, and increase resistance therapy/ training to 3x a week and I could be ready to race by June.  For the next 2 weeks or so, I'll cut back the track to 2 hard foundation tempo workouts a week (not fast) and 3 resistance workouts.  So, a sample 7 day cycle:  track, resistance, rest, resistance, track, resistance, rest... or something like that.  Doc thinks the injury is in the top of the rectus femoris.   I'll start this cycle tonight with resistance at #6, rest tomorrow, and maybe race that 800m on Sat. or do a track workout.  Undecided about Sat.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

long sprint ladder

After every other day on the track and two good resistance workouts, don't feel much closer to 'normal' in terms of sprinting.   Nice spring weather, 70º and hazy sunshine at the Dean Hayes track and I did another tough foundation workout.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:31 
600m - 1:43.5 
500m - 85 
400m - 65 

In terms of weights, the injured hip flexor seems to be able to push nearly as much weight as the healthy side with no pain.  It's just the sudden change of direction and forward movement that still doesn't feel 100%.   Maybe I should back off a bit.  In the past 8 days I've run 9100m on the track (not including warmups) - 2x800, 6x600, 1x500, 9x400, 1x300, 1x100.

After a lot of hesitation, I'm finally going to see my orthopod on Thurs.  I can definitely feel a little hardness or scare tissue I believe is on the sartorius tendon/muscle.

Light.... 143.4 after workout.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Added a few masters meets on my schedule for June.   I'll start my outdoor 400m race season on June 6 and may race 3 weekends in a row.

Did resistance work focusing on the hip flexors and glutes today and Saturday.   Going to try get a workout in before work on Tues.  Last week of school coming up.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brief long sprint workout

Great cool sunny weather at the KCD track, about 60º.   Did resistance last night and have been workin' pretty hard to get back.   Stepped it up today a little faster.
400m warmup up, stretches, drills 
2 x 600m - 1:44, 1:50 
400m - 62.5
Fastest post injury 400m training run.   Should be back around 59-60 in a week.  I think at least 2-3 weeks before I can run a 400m race, 3-4 weeks before a 200m to be safe.    Going to try and get track workouts in Tues and Thurs this week.  Looking forward the new trainers coming in this week.

Friday, April 24, 2015

long up tempo

Today reminded me how much I hate running an 800m.   Pleasant conditions at the Dean Hayes track, mid 60ºs and sunny.   I didn't have much time so I ran up tempo long stuff.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:30 
600m - 1:48 
400m - 64
Did a resistance work last night that included some squat jumps with 90 lbs.  Don't feel as strong as I did when I was doing those regularly, but I managed 3 sets of 15 along with hip flexor work.   My injury is naggingly ever present.  I notice it whenever my 100m pace goes below 15sec.  I guess I just need patience, but damn, it's been 4 weeks now.

I returned the Brooks Ghost trainers I bought and ordered some Saucony Triumph Isos.   The upper on the Brooks didn't feel right.  The Trimph Isos were the highest rated shoe by Runners World and I feel comfortable buying these sight unseen since I've trained in Saucony for 5+ yrs.  In the mean time I put some gel pads in my old Saucony Rides.

 I really don't want to run an 800m race next weekend.  I might whimp out.  Seeded myself at 2:25 which is optimistic.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

tempo 400s +

The usual ball buster tempo 4x4, but only the last one was super hard.   Still not close to 100% yet, I estimate it'll be at least 2 weeks before I can safely sprint 200m race speed, depending on how much strengthening therapy I can get. Probably more like 3 weeks before I can do spikes and blocks.  As with most sprint injuries, it's not lifting the load, it's the quick change of direction that stresses the injury, eccentric movement.

Warm, not hot and partly cloudy, 72º at the Dean Hayes Track.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 400m w/ 2 min rest - 69, 70, 72, 79 
300m - 47 
100m - 14.5   
Felt ok, still feel the injury although I tested it only slightly with the 2 shorter sprints at the end.

First workout in Brooks.  I just bought some new training shoes, Brooks Ghost 7.  Thanks to Bethany at Fleet Feet.   (She is the cutest!)  Instead of buying the highest rated shoe by mail, I patronized my local running store and bought what they had in my size after trying on a few things.  I think it's good to give them business - (even though I now see these $120 shoes online for $76.)   I offered to host their speed training group at MTSU.  Unfortunately, don't think there are any sprinters in the group.

I'm really not picky about training shoes as much as spikes (maybe I should be?)  The shoes had excellent traction, with small rubber treads on the bottom, as opposed to bands or just a pattern.  I'm sure they'll be good in the wet.   The shoe was comfortable but a little high in the arch and I really had to tighten them a lot to keep the forefoot stable.  My retired Saucony Ride's lasted almost 10 months and bear the the marks of sprint training.  Interesting to see how they've worn on the outside to the point of rubber coming off in chunks, yet the heel looks almost new.  These seem a little better cushioned on the outside where I need it than the Sauconys.  My right little toe has been getting punished on the turns.

Monday, April 20, 2015

600s n 400s

Yesterday's storms paved the way for some cool weather, perfect for training, although a bit windy.   60º and mostly cloudy today at the Sewanee track.   The ankle was a little sore due to the volume I've been putting in so I scaled back a little, ran half the workout opposite direction (right turns) and brought the speed up slightly.   Still running about as fast as a 75 yr old woman (literally) and shying away from limited rest tempo work.   I think I can be ready for that soon.   I am not in shape and I dread the possibility of racing an 800m in 2 weeks.   Well, Jeremy Wariner did it... and Bolt, Blake, and Dix all ran 400s this yr.  Be hard pressed to break 2:30.
500m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 600m - 1:56, 1:57 
3 x 400m - 70, 67.5, 65.5
Thought about doing one more, but better to finish strong and walk away.   I only feel the injury when I try to push faster than 15 sec 100m pace, and in accelerations.  I guess I'm doing ok since it is just over 3 weeks since the injury.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

resistance revelations

After studying a bit on rehab and strengthening strategies for my injured hip flexor, I hit the the Sewanee weight room tonight, first time in 4 weeks.  Like any muscle injury, it's the eccentric motion (lengthening / extending) exercises that need to be emphasized in training for recovery.  It led me to believe that I had been using the glute machine wrong or at least not getting completely what I needed out of it.

Eccentric motion exercises seem to alway stress the negative in any lift.  I had been doing these glute exercises with an explosive flex and and a passive extension, not resisting the negative, which is fine, but it was doing nothing for my hip flexors or hip stabilizing muscle groups.  Videos show (1, 2) assisted flexing and resisted extending eccentric exercises.  I think they can be combined by doing an explosive glute flex and fighting the negative back from hip extension and also the opposite; hip flexing (knee up) fast, slow resistance to extension.  The resistance seems particularly effective for the hip flexor when the leg reaches straight - toward extension.

Anyway, when doing the same weight on glutes on the glute/hip machine that I used to do 50-60 times  (320lbs), I do half as many reps and fight the negative very slowly with good form.  Doing this I can feel all sorts of other muscle groups firing, including stabilizing muscles on the leg/hip I'm standing on (not moving).  I still get a decent glute burn and it makes the hip flexors feel great.  Did the same thing with the hip flexion exercise.  With the hip flexion exercises, I could do 240 lbs on the injured side, strong, no pain... just 40 lbs less than the non injured side.

I talked with Johnny about this and he says these injuries are more likely due to a lack of flexibility and sprint form issues than a muscle imbalance.  The glutes will always be stronger than the hip flexors.  Still think the tight thigh wrap during the race may have contributed to my lack of flexibility and to the injury.

The workout left my hip flexor injury feeling strong, much better.   This should get me back soon, too bad I can't get to this machine more than once or twice a week.  I'll continue with bands.  This is exactly what I need.

I think I'll hit the track Mon, Wed, and Sat this week.  Looks like really nice and cool weather.
Dynamic stretches 
2 x 25 glute flexors w/ 320 lbs 
3 x 15 hip flexors w/ 280 lbs R, 240 lbs L 
1 x 15 w/ 130 lbs adductors and abductors

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Last night was Sewanee's track meet, my hometown track meet.   It killed me to miss it.  I went and volunteered, moved hurdles, blocks, etc... it was nice to be there.  They had good weather, low to mid 60ºs.   I saw Cortez run a season best 11.06 100m for the home team and win.  I'm going to miss that race.

Today I went out to a quiet Sewanee track to bust butt again. It was breezy, sunny and about 73º.  I gave it 2 days rest because the injury was a bit sore after the 3rd workout in 5 days, running 800m repeats.   Today wasn't any easier.  Injury felt fine, only felt it when I ran my last 400m.  The injury site is finally showing some black n blue... kind of odd after 3 weeks.
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
5 x 600m - 1:55, 1:56, 1:58, 1:56, 1:58 
400m - 68

It was a bitch as usual.  Kept reminding myself how 'lucky' I was, that I was able to be out there doing that.   I'm confident that it is not hurting the injury, felt good when I was doing some after stretches.  144 lbs after workout.

I found a pair of last years Puma Bolt Evospeed LTDs in the UK my size and bought them for about $125 including shipping.   In my favorite electric green too.  Been looking a while for these and am convinced they are the last of their kind on earth.  My training shoes have just about had it and I will be replacing those next week.   The Saucony Rides have been fine, but I might try on some others. Nike Flynet Lunar, Saucony Guide 8, or Saucony Triumph iso perhaps.   Do I go with maximum forefoot cushioning or a lighter more flexible shoe with slightly less cushion?   I need to go into the store.

Sewanee Mtn Laurel Invitational 2015 - beautiful evening for a meet

Saturday, at the office

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

even more foundation

Same workout and not any easier.   But, a little faster.   Hard to emphasize how difficult these workouts are for a sprinter (who can't yet sprint).  The only thing harder are the limited rest long sprint tempo workouts.   An ok day to train, not real hot but terribly humid, about 70º at the Dean Hayes track at MTSU.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 800m - 2:42, 2:45, 2:48, 2:45 
400m - 68
Didn't feel the injury at all except in the first 100m of the last 400m, where I ran it in 16 sec pace.

I'm light, 144.2 after workout but I think my 'muscle to fat ratio' has decreased a bit since I've not been in the weight room in about 3 weeks, but I have been doing a little bit of resistance therapy on the hip flexor.

Monday, April 13, 2015

more foundation

Cool day, slight drizzle, low 60ºs and humid, perfect day to suffer at Sewanee.

After once again moving the lacrosse nets off the track, I jumped in.   Can only slightly feel the injury, and usually not at all, although I didn't push it.  I feel like I might be running a little uneven, possibly favoring one side.

Still in bad shape.   Even my slow 800s pushed my heart rate up to nearly 160.

400m warm up, stretches, drills
4 x 800m -  2:43, 2:52, 2:54, 2:56
400m -70

Stepped it up in the end a little faster for a final 400m.  Felt fine.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back on track

Foundation work.

After a slow cautious 400m, I declared myself fit to train and it was a tough first day, not wanting to push it, but wanting a workout.

Perfect day in Sewanee, low 60ºs in late morning, sunny.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
400m warm up, stretches, drills 
400m - 84 
3 x 800m - 2:48, 2:58, 2:55 w/ 3-5 min rest
It was hard but not too bad.   A good benchmark to start improving on, hopefully a little faster and farther each time.  I could still feel the injury slightly, but never did anything remotely fast to stress it, nothing faster than a 20 sec 100m pace.  Felt fine afterward.   Will do some resistance band work to strengthen it and maybe back on the track again Monday.  

Tentatively, I might do something at the Nashville Masters meet in 3 weeks, maybe an 800m.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still not there

On the track today for a test run.   Still not there.  After a warmup and a 100m strider, I tried a 400m at 75 pace and quit after 300m when I had pain.  So, I went to the stadium stairs and did a real workout.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
100m strider -18 
300m - 56 
stadium stair x 15
In terms of function, this injury is worse than the hamstring tear of June '12.   9 days after that injury, I was running 2:42 pace 800m repeats.   It's been 10 days since the injury.  By this weekend, I hope to be doing 800m repeats ... and it will be wicked hard, considering my present shape.  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Testing the waters

Still not ready for full scale training.

I did a little brief exercise on the track and turf today.   I won't call it a workout.  Beautiful cool spring Easter day, 62º in Sewanee.  Would have been a nice day to bust ass if I was ready.
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
5 x 100m striders - 18-19 sec
It's been a week since that season-changing hip injury and I think it may be another week til I'm ready to resume full scale workouts.   Judging by my warmups and drills, I can confidently say this is not a joint injury.   I can do forward and sideways leg swings with no abnormal feeling in the hip.  I can definitely feel the hip flexor strain when I try to lengthen my stride.   I have an appointment with a general sports med guy at my orthopedic group but I may cancel it since that particular doctor is really a concussion specialist and sideline physician for various highschools and hockey teams.  All he would tell me is get xrays, rest, and therapy.   I'm now sure what this is.

The entire college season is pretty much over for me.   I may be able to jump in a late season meet in May for a 400m, but I think it will take at least 3-4 weeks to be ready to race a decent 400m since I essentially stopped 400m training in Jan. to focus on the 60/100/200 races and developing glute strength.   Maybe the emphasis on glutes created an imbalance.  My glutes were developing a lot of backward direction power and the hip flexors where not strong or flexible enough to handle it... despite my recent efforts to strengthen that area.  I've never neglected the hip flexors, but they certainly could never push the kind of weight my glutes have been pushing.

I'm thinking May 9 weekend for a return to racing, although I may be ready to race at the Nashville Master meet on May 2, although not in optimum condition.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stadium stairs

Just coming back from the mystery hip injury, ran stadium stairs today.  I say 'mystery' since I find it less painful to run stairs than to jog on the flat.  Whatever this is, I think I'm over the hump and will be on the track again next week.   The hip felt better after this light workout.  With a classic hip flexor strain, it should hurt to run stairs, but it doesn't, only a little when I get to the top.   So that's why I call it a 'mystery injury.'   I may seek evaluation, really don't want to spend the $.  MRI's are a $450 deductible on my health plan.
Brief jog warmup, a little dynamic stretches 
8 x stadium stairs

Thursday, April 2, 2015

USF 200m race video

Sprinting in college track meets at almost 55 yrs old is not only a joy, it's a privilege.

Here's my 200m race on 3/13 at USF, Tampa.    24.59 - lane 4, 3rd in my heat of 7.