Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ladder down

This morning, I wanted another long sprint workout but less and faster. To ensure faster pace I ran a 'downward ladder' - 600m, 500, 400, 300, 200, 150, 100. For the 600, 500, and 400... I paced at 17 sec 100s or 68 sec 400m pace, decreasing to 15 sec 100m pace for the 300, and 14 sec 100m pace for the 200, 150, 100. In all 2250m of sprints. Recovery time avg about 4 min between.

500m warmup, stretches, drills

Saucony spikes on

600m - 1:44

500m - 88 sec

400m - 68.5 sec

300m - 45.5 sec

200m - 28.5 sec

150m - 20 sec

100m - 14 sec

It was a good workout. I had planned to take more recovery and run faster but it was getting warm and I just wanted to finish. Most of my rest intervals were about 4 min. Speed increased toward the end of the workout.

Inventory: Weight is nominal, despite a chocolate binge: 139.2 after workout. Seem to be healthy but a tad sore.

Meets: It occurs to me if I run in the April 7 Gov's Invite at APSU, I will have six consecutive weekends of racing ... culminating in the SE Masters Championships in Raleigh on May 12. That is essentially the end of the "regular season" and I then will have just 4 more including the Nationals: 2 in June, one in July and the Nationals in Aug. The June meets I'm not even sure I can get into yet, but I probably can. That will be a total of 18 meets through this indoor/outdoor season. Too many? I don't know. Coach Page alway said, "the best training is racing."

Penn Relays: Scott Granowski finally called me and he is joining our 4x400 and 4x100 GPTC relay teams. This is great news. We should be very strong contenders for the Gold in the M50 4x400 relay.

Publicity: MTSU News put out a nice article on my last 2 races. Thanks to Gina Fann.

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