Friday, January 29, 2016


Did a brief but high intensity speed workout today in the lovely winter weather at the Dean Hayes track.  It was upper 40ºs and sunny, T-shirt weather.
Saucony trainers on 
600m warmup on grass, stretches, drills 
3 x 150m - 19.5, 19, 18.75 
3 x 50m from blocks
I wanted to do some full speed sprinting today, as I am signed up to race the 60m and 200m on Sunday.  It felt good, no signs of vulnerability but I really need to prepare to run the 60m with some prehab, roller massage, hot tub and stretches.  I haven't run a short blast race since my devastating injury (hip flexor) at Vanderbilt in the 100m 10 months ago.  I rarely run the 60m and I haven't been specifically training for it, but I think I'm strong enough to post something close to a PR with a good race.... and this may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Yes ... of a lifetime.
I was put in the same race as the pros and Olympic elites.   I don't know why, I submitted a reasonable seed time.  I will be lining up in the same heat as 2X US Champion and World Silver Medalist - M. Bracy, and 10.1 Bahamian sprinter A. Griffith, and a few other sponsored pros.

How often do I get a chance to do this?   Even at my peak speed in college (probably around 7 flat), I'd be 5m behind the winner, now... probably 10m+.   The old whitey will be laughed at, but so what.  I'm going to do it if I feel able.

Olympian and world class sprinter T. Kimmons is in heat 2.

M. Bracy winning the 60m Adidas Grand Prix - beating Mike Rogers, Ryan Bailey, and Nickel Ashmeade

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

tempo maintenance

Windy and cold, but sunny at the Dean Hayes track, 35º on Wed morning.  Did a brief tempo workout but was limited by some foot soreness.   I enjoy the MTSU track because the mens room is heated and I can do my stretches in there after my warmup lap.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 31, 30.5, 30.5, 30.5 
2 x 100m accelerations 
I decided to scratch the 400m from this Sunday's meet in Birmingham and signed up for the 60m and 200m.   We'll see how I feel about the 60...  I may play it safe and just run the 200, not sure yet.  The 200m race is a crap shoot because performance depends so much on lane assignment on a banked 200m.   If you have lane 1 or 2, very difficult to run a good time.  The order of preference is 5-6-4-3-2-1.

I also registered for the Samford meet on 2/12-13 also in Birmingham.   It will be good to get one more 400m in before Millrose and Nationals.  Strangely, there was no fee or restrictions, and not even any info or procedure for unattached... but my entry was accepted.  Hopefully, there will be no problem.  Just for the hell of it, I'll ask to enter the Vanderbilt meet, but I'm not optimistic.

144.0 lbs after workout.   This week they take my blood for analysis for next week's annual physical.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet report - Emory Crossplex

55.91 - 400m

Not a bad time, but I was running in traffic.  I ran 55.68 there last year, but in a slightly better lane (5) with no traffic.   It is the fastest time in the world so far this year, faster than any indoor M55 time last year, and considerably faster than the M55 winning time at Nationals last year.    It was my 3rd fastest time on a 200m track.  (55.90 at IU when I won Nationals in '12).   At least it shows I'm in decent shape and have not lost much, if any speed in the last 4 yrs.  

I had lane 4, fellow masters Marcus S. in 5, fast kid from Alcorn in 6, and 3 slower college guys from Berry, Emory and Rhodes inside.  Got a decent start and ran a fast first 200m, but Marcus and the fast kid came storming down the hill and led at the break with me in third.  I couldn't believe how fast Marcus took it out.  Passing the finish line clock, I think he was close to 25 flat, I might have been under 26.   So, I just tucked in behind Marcus and relaxed.   Coming off the last turn, I had some power left.  One guy behind me swung out to pass, so just before we hit the straight, I swung out to lane three and passed both Marcus and the other guy who passed me.  The fast kid led from beginning to end and won in 53, I was second, Emory - third, Berry - fourth, Marcus - fifth, Rhodes - sixth.  That's the way it seemed to go down.   It was quite a scamper. 

I was given lane one for the 200m -  huge disadvantage -  and decided to scratch.  My foot was sore anyway.  

Next race will be same place next week... KMS Invitational, probably my last opportunity to race before Millrose and Nationals.   I have very little time to train this week, just 2 days - Wed and Friday. and will be off Monday and Tues.   I registered for the 400/200 but am thinking of scratching the 400m and doing the 60 and 200.   I have to decide by tomorrow.  It would give me more time to get to Birmingham since the 60 is later, and give me a chance to focus more on the 200.   I might be able to establish WL times in 3 events.  But then again, I haven't been working on my 60 speed that much and the risk for injury is greater.   But I have never been injured in a 55/60m race, but have had strains in practice.   We'll see.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Indoor workout

Not wanting to go 3 days without doing anything right before a meet, I retreated to the place of last resort, Sewanee's indoor 160m track.  It was just what I needed,  but it reminded me why I never want to race a 400/200 here again.
Saucony trainers on 
320m warmup, stretches drills 
2 x 400m w/ 90 sec rest - 65, 73
I ran the opposite way to protect a sore foot, but it's not too bad.  The first 400m was easy and I was not recovered when I ran my second.   This is the same workout I did 2 days before running my PR at Vandy last yr, except  it was more like 60 / 82.

No telling what I might do at the Crossplex on Sunday.  Heat sheets are up and I'm with a bunch of guys my speed, which can be difficult indoors.   I don't have a good lane (3 ...  but better than 2 or 1). But, I entered an honest seed time, the time I ran there last yr.   (Masters are notorious for inflating seed times, I never do).

I will have Marcus, former M50 world champ just to my outside in 4 so that will be a good target for pacing.  Indoor 400m is like you're damned if you go out too slow, and damned if you go out too fast.  Very hard to pass, costly in effort and lengthens the distance to run outside.  So different from outdoor.  Everyone wants to lead at the break.  Sometimes there's contact, elbows, shoving.  If you lead at the break, 80 - 90% chance you'll finish 1st or 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing my masters clan there, Don, Markus, Peete.  Should be able to pull a 56 if I don't get boxed in.  Feel fairly well prepared, I am at race weight, 143 after workout.

Sewanee Fowler Center Track

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Colleges and schools were closed today due to a slushy snow.   By mid afternoon, it was 34º, misty and cloudy, calm winds ... t-shirt weather.

My first workout this year on the home MTSU track, and I noticed how much more stiff it was compared to the Sewanee track, especially at this temperature.  On my warmup lap I noticed a little slush on the far turn so I decided to do 300s fast with spikes 90%, but it cost me.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
3 x 300m - 42, 41.5, 44 (straight-turn-straight)
The first two felt good, strong, near race pace.  Feel like I'm not quite in '55 sec shape' ... but close.  Coming into the last 100m I thought I felt something in my right ankle/foot and it got sore, so I called it a day.   It's not an injury but just more of the same foot issue.   Resisted dorsiflextion and heel raises help.  

Finally at race weight.  143.2 after workout.   Doubt I will be able to do any meaningful workouts between now and Sunday race.  Maybe on Fri indoors, some cross training or something ... more snow is expected.

Monday, January 18, 2016

winter tempo: 300s / 200s

Broke out the long tights today for the coldest workout of the year, and it really wasn't too bad.  21º and sunny with a light swirling breeze on the Sewanee track this afternoon.   It could have been much worse without sun and with wind.   I've felt colder with it 10º warmer ... cloudy-windy-damp is a whole different element.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47, 49, 51 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 30, 31, 32, 31
It felt good afterward, no issues or pains.   144 lbs after workout.   This week's weather looks terrible - ice/snow/rain,  and I am back to work (sort of ) next week, and doing a big moving project for a friend Thurs - Sat, so it's going to be hard to train this week, but I will find a way.   I usually don't do 2 days in a row but I may go out tomorrow because I will have the time.  I'll be driving about 16 hrs between Thurs-Sun.

Thinking about looking into orthodic inserts in my training shoes since they alway wear on the outside and become slanted.  Right now the outside pad is about 3/8" thinner than the inside.


This Sunday meet is important to me as it may be the only nice track I'll race on before Nationals in a 400.   This is one of 3 possible meets I could race at on the Birmingham Crossplex track.  The other possibilities are a week later - the KMS Invite - 1/31.   I will try to get into Vanderbilt that weekend but I'm doubtful.  Then on the same track, the Samford open on Feb 12-13.  Then it's off to the Millrose a week later, and 2 weeks later, Nationals.  I probably won't run in my hometown meet in Sewanee on 2/6.

I was contacted by Alan and James to put together a World Record attempt on the M55 4x200m relay at Nationals.  This is 3/4 of our American Record 4x100m relay team.   If we can get a 4th person like Don, we could definitely get the World Record.  We'd have to avg 25.15 a leg and on a good track, we can definitely all do that and more with a running start, good handoffs.

Should be an interesting indoor season... and right about to get into the thick of it.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Millrose - I'm in

I will be racing at the 109th Millrose Games - NYC 

The longest running and most prestigious indoor track and field meet in the world.  I accepted an invite from the Greater Philadelphia Track Club to join their 4x400m relay in the M50 club relay race.  The race goes down at 4:07 PM, Sat. Feb 20th.

There will be live video coverage on USATF TV and/or NBCSN.

Elites and Olympians will be there: Aston Eaton, Shannon Rowbury, Mollie Huddle, Andre De Grasse, Matthew Centrowitz, Queen Harrison ... to name a few.

I got a great deal on flight and hotel, BUT... there is very little wiggle room. Plane arrives in Newark (25 miles from the Armory track) just 3 hrs before race time. I'm flying through St. Louis (better than flying through a snowy northern city) so hopefully, it will be OK.  Any other flight or arrangement would cost $200 more than the deal I got.

We are a shoo-in for a medal.  Last year, the GPTC took Silver.   This year we have John C. M50 WL (has run 54 indoors already) will probably anchor.  As number 2 on the team, I may lead off.   Like the Penn Relays, definitely worth doing once.

The only thing I hate about these masters club relays in big meets like this and Penn, is they try to run too many teams at the same time and they end up doing these stupid waterfall starts, like they would do for 1500m race.

500s / 150s / Millrose? ... and more bitching

Cold, dark, and dank at the Sewanee track with the temperature hovering just above freezing.  Track was damp, and a light breeze.  Tough weather, but I've seen worse.  I ran in long sleeves and shorts.  Retreated to the car in between intervals.  Cold.

Ran two speed endurance long sprints and some fast 150s for form.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 500m - 81, 84 
3 x 150m - 20, 20, 21
Planned to do 4x150s but the foot hurt after 3.  144.8 after workout.  Still need to drop 2 lbs, taking longer than I expected.

Looking beyond the AL Crossplex meet on 1/24, I will again attempt to get in Vanderbilt on 1/29, maybe just to run the 200m and I will attempt to return to AL on 1/31 to race there again.  Since meets are slim pickins in Feb, I am contemplating accepting the invite from the Greater Philly Track Club to race in NYC on 2/20 at the Millrose Games M50 4x400m relay.   We'd be a shoo in for a Silver, and could possible challenge SWS for a club Gold since John C., WL 400m guy is now on the team.  Should know fairly soon.  The Millrose Games, like the Penn Relays, is a track and field institution and I've always thought I'd like to do it once.  This year will be the 109th annual and is the only indoor meet of the season that will probably be on network TV.

More bitching about Vanderbilt!

Yes, still pissed about not being given permission to race at Vanderbilt ... especially after seeing how it went down this weekend.   I can't believe it.  They denied me a chance to race in this meet where:

  • Four 200m guys ran slower than I ran last season, three of them slower than 25.60!!
  • 16 scratched from the 200m, including an entire heat
  • They ran 5 of 9 heats in the 400m with just TWO people, and one heat with 3!
  • 16 people scratched in the 400m, 40% of all competitors
  • One guy ran a 58.10... but he was an outlier (next slowest 53s)

Look, I know I'm never going to be able to compete in the top half of a meet like this, unlike my fellow masters Sonya (who is 11+ yrs younger).  But if I can beat anyone, or even finish within a reasonable distance of the slowest guy at age 55... I think I deserve an exception.  Why the hell deny someone when you KNOW there is going to be at least a 25% rate of scratches?  What would anyone have to lose?   You would think a coach affiliated with the USATF in some way would have a little respect for a hard working elite masters athlete.  You would think winning a USATF "Age Group Athlete of the Year" award would at least offer me a little opportunity, certainly justify an exception.  It's not like I'm some wannabe off the street trying to impress the girls.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

3x600 / 3x300

Hard day at the oval office.  A volume workout with over distance and speed endurance.    Great weather for a workout, except it was windy.  53º at the Sewanee track and mostly sunny.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 600m - 1:47, 1:48, 1:46
Saucony spikes on 
3 x 300m - 41.75, 42, 43.75
The 600s were relaxed and not severely pushed, except for the last one, I pushed the last 150m.  After a rest, I put the spikes on and tried to run at 400m race pace.  The first 2 were pretty fast but just fatigued out on the last one.  It was a bitchin' workout.  Taking ample time between sprints, I was out there almost 2 hrs.   This workout was one that MTSU Olympian Noah A. recommended to me as a good early season butt kicker.  That is was.

Although my times aren't exceptional, I feel I'm working hard as ever and should be good to go by Indoor Nationals - still 7 weeks away.  Need some races.  Last night I went to the weight room and worked some eccentric ham prehab and hip flexors, along with a set of squat jumps.

Inventory:  Foot was hurting by workout's end.  Ham is better.  Despite no meal today before the workout, I'm still 144.4 lbs after workout.  Should be 142 after a workout.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2x3x400 tempo

No Race This Weekend
The news of the day is that I got screwed out of racing at Vanderbilt.  The coach didn't even have the courtesy to return my email.  Even worse, he allowed an unattached 200m guy with a seed time of 24.90 to race.  I ran 24.80 last yr on that track and 24.48 outdoor.  I was going to send a reminder tonight thinking that the registration closed at midnight, nope ... closed at noon.   I may try to get into the end of Jan meet at Vandy but that will be a much more competitive meet and my chances even less.  I've been training with this meet as my target, but it looks like I got ignored and screwed.   This meet would not have been overly competitive for me with a few guys over 24 and one over 25 in the 200.  Pissed ... not able to run on the best track in my world.

Today, it was windy but above freezing.   In the low 40s but with a wind gusting to 20+ mph.  On the track, I really think the headwind impedes far more than a tailwind helps, so no, it doesn't even out.

I did two sets of tempo 400s.  Not particularly fast but it was an exhausting workout.  I did take full rest between sets.  I noticed my heart rate stayed at around 90 even 30 min after the first set.   Maybe not enough foundation.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 68.5, 71, 74 
3 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 71, 73, 74
Sometimes I don't even know why I train.  I may only have one chance to run a 400m on a good track before nationals - and that'll be at Birmingham .... which will be a full 5 1/2 weeks before Nationals.   To even complicate matters, I'll be busy that weekend helping Roya move, driving 10+ hours, packing, carrying, etc...     I guess I could race a 400m on that shitty Sewanee 160m track for a workout, but that track will never yield a good time.  It's slower than TSU.

Been eating really small but still can't seem to get below 144.  It'll take a week I guess.

Just generally frustrated today.  I am happy that my chest cold seems to be gone and my foot seems better.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Day off

It's early season, if I can't get into Vandy this coming weekend, I'm going to take the weekend off and tool up for Birmingham in 2 weeks.   All my masters friends will be there from Atlanta.

Good news is my chest cold has subsided, but my right upper ham is sore.  I need a day off from the track, although I'm going to do abs and hip flexors today.  I'll start prehab on the ham tomorrow.

The only reason I would race this weekend is that it may be my only opportunity to race on what I feel is the fastest track indoors or out in the area, and it's local.    No sense in driving to Birmingham 2 weekends in a row.   Also, I remember when running PRs last yr at Vandy, I had a sore ham and was on the trainers table with a heat pack in between races.

I've booked my flights to NM for indoor Nationals and the USF outdoor meet the week after.

Still haven't heard from coach Keith on the Vandy meet.  Deadline is tomorrow.

Kudos to Sonya, a 44yr old masters champion who WON the mile at the TSU meet in 4:55, beating 15 college women half her age.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

TSU Ed Temple - Meet report (updated)

Well, it's a start.

400m - 57.36
200m - 25.46

About the same as my debut last year at UIndy, except this TSU track is slow, UIndy's is Mondo. They're not the times I was hoping for, but ok for the following reasons:
1) Both are M55 world leading times
2) Both would have won Nationals last yr (save for a Jamaican in the 200m - unofficial)
3) This is the slowest track I will race on all indoor season for a 400/200
4) Both are the fastest times I've run at this facility

Running out of the dreaded lane one in a heat of just 3, I tucked in behind the leader and and pretty much stayed with him the whole way.  My occasional workout partner, John W. passed us both on the home stretch, making up a 10m deficit in 200m.  I finished last.  Can't believe John ran even splits 28/28.   He's a miler / 800 guy.

I was tired afterward but not completely dead exhausted, no rigging.  I think I can go faster.  I think my splits were about 26.5/30.8.

210m mark in the 400m race

400m finish

I almost scratched this race because I felt a slight pain in the right ham, and I wasn't fully recovered from the 400m.  But I went ahead.  It was an OK race, not as strong as I'd like in the end, got nipped by Don and finished last.  At least I didn't injure myself.   It was actually 0.01 sec faster than my debut on Mondo last year and is actually my best 200m season opener ...  0.02 faster than my season indoor PR in '12 - run on a banked Mondo in Birmingham.  So, I shouldn't feel too bad about it, run just an hour or less after a 400m.

A very short turnaround time as the Vandy meet is a 2 day meet (Friday- 200m / Sat. - 400m).   I'm not in that meet yet, as I have just asked permission.   If denied, I'll go to Birmingham and race both 400/200 on Friday, and that looks like it will also require permission.  Unfortunately, decisions/permission must be made by tomorrow midnight 1/11 for AL and Tues. midnight 1/12 for Vandy.    If Coach Keith leaves me hanging and doesn't reply by mid day tomorrow, I will have to also ask to get into the Birmingham meet.  There is a chance I'll get denied at both.  The Vandy meet is highly preferred, it is the fasted track I've ever run on.

I really have only 2 training days this week.  I am inclined to go out and do a bitchin' hard workout in the cold tomorrow, but I feel like I'm developing a chest cold.  It probably will be about freezing but sunny.  I could rest tomorrow and do Tues and Wed.  I was a slightly heavy for this meet, probably close to 145.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

American record confirmation

Both our Lyon'15 USA M55 relay teams: 4x100m and 4x400m are now listed as American Records on the USATF site.   Links are here:



The 4x100m medal ceremony in Lyon, France 8/16/2015

Here I go again, my 2016 season kicks off tomorrow ... ready or not.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Puma Bolt evoSPEED electric V2/V3 REVIEW and comparison

I have been using Puma sprint spikes since 2013.  I have seen changes in this brand, fairly significant in my view.

Although the full length spike plate is essentially unchanged, the fit, weight and finish of these spikes aren't what they used to be.  (These full length spike plate models are not to be confused with the 3/4 spike plate Puma's - the TFX Sprint).

The new 2015-16 evoSPEED electric V2 and V3 - essentially the same - don't fit as tight as the two previous generations - the 2013 Puma Bolt FAAS 007 and the 2014 Puma Bolt evoSpeed Sprint LTD.  The '13 version was the most narrow.  The '15-16 versions have a noticeably boxier heel and toe.  The heel cup on my '15 model shoes was 1/4" wider and almost 1/2" taller.  With these, they are so much larger, I could wear the same size with socks.   With the older versions, socks were out of the question ... as they fit the way I wanted them to, very tight - like a second skin.  The new 2015-16 evoSPEED electric V2 and V3 required a lot more lace tightening and the toe felt a bit loose.  I could use these '15-16 spikes to train in with socks.

The earliest version - the '13 Puma Bolt FAAS 007 seemed to be the lightest (slightly) and most minimal.  Although I've had to re-glue the soles of the '14 model (near the heel), the '14 Puma Bolt evoSpeed Sprint LTD remains my race spike of choice.  The only reason I had to abandon my '13 Puma Bolt FAAS 007 was that the spike holes got stripped.  The material used for the new '15-'16 evoSPEED electric V2 / V3 is not like the 'dimpled golf ball' texture of the previous.  It seems a bit heavier and less 'high tech' ... but perhaps more durable.   This is perhaps the cause of the slight weight difference.  The 'dimpled golf ball' texture is something that Nike had developed for the '12 Olympics in it's Turbo speed suits,  claiming tests showed it was better in the wind.  Puma seemed to adopt that technology but has now has abandoned it.

I need to independently verify this but the published weight for the new '15-'16 evoSPEED electric V2 / V3 is 6.1 oz, where the '14 Puma Bolt evoSpeed Sprint LTD is 5.9 oz.  I'll update this when I get them to a scale.

Appearance and style isn't important to me, although I'm partial to the Jamaican green... but it seems notable that the new '16 evoSPEED electric V3 may be only available in one color, a sky blue.  This, and the lack of any changes or improvements in the shoe, may indicate Puma is trying to cut costs and cash in on their Usain Bolt marketing, resting on their laurels rather than trying to design a more high tech cutting edge spike.

As mentioned above, the new models - '15-16 Puma Bolt evoSPEED electric V2 / V3 aren't an improvement over the previous models, except possibly in comfort and durability.   For me, a racing shoe needs to fit right and if it does, it is inherently tight and somewhat uncomfortable.  These new models run a bit wider than the previous, are slightly heavier, and lack any substantial technical improvements.  I'm sticking with the 2014 - Puma Bolt evoSpeed Sprint LTD's and I'm thankful I have 2 pair.  Kind of nice that my old black pair still has some French dirt on them from Lyon'15.

The previous versions of this shoe was made in China, the new versions in Vietnam.  Both these shoes are size M6.5 US (yes, small feet).  The new versions are clearly wider, bigger.  Note the dimpled upper in the previous, smooth in the new version (speckled color, but smooth).  New version seems 'low tech' in comparison.

listed as the same size, but much different fit
New version (R) has a much bigger heel cup, not as snug

Evolution of Puma sprint spikes

These are the names of the generations of Puma sprint spikes:

2013 - Puma Bolt FAAS 007

2014 - Puma Bolt evoSpeed Sprint LTD

2015-16 - Puma Bolt evoSPEED electric V2 / V3

Split 400s

Hit the Sewanee track today for a speed / event run workout.   I did 2 split 400s - 300m at race pace from blocks / 1 min rest / 100m.

A pretty tough workout for me in my present shape but the times were ok for this early.  Still doubt I can go sub 57 on TSU's track on Sunday.  Be happy to beat last season's debut - 57.29, but that was on Mondo.

I definitely felt a slight soreness in my right ham and will not run the drag race, the 55m.   It didn't affect me at 400m pace though.  It's a reminder that I've sluffed off on my eccentric ham prehab, necessary to prepare to go full out.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
100m strider 
Saucony spikes on 
split 400 - 300m - 40.75/ rest 1 min / 100m - 15 sec 
  Puma spikes on
split 400 - 300m - 41/ rest 1 min / 100m - 15.5 sec 
As I was leaving the house, I noticed my new Pumas came in.  I resisted the temptation to try them out on the first run, but broke them out for the second run.   They felt ok, but different from the previous yrs model.  See my review (above post).  They come with really long 9mm (3/8") spikes (see below).  I've never tried this spike length til today.  On a porous granular and worn track like Sewanee, they felt really good on the turns.  I may consider racing with these spikes on risers on some really granular tracks.  Compression spike (xmas trees) I think were really invented for Mondo although paradoxically, many Mondo track facilities (like Vandy and B'ham) ban them.   Certainly wouldn't use these on 9mm spikes on Mondo, although I do think U. Bolt may use them on Mondo.  They seem really long compared to my 7mm xmas trees.

Should be good to go for Sunday, don't want to get my hopes up that I'll run a good time.  Seeded myself way too optimistically... 56.49 and 25.10.  That's ok, well above my season PRs that most people use.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tempo 200s / 40s

A light day, felt like I should have done more but it's early in the season.   42º at the Sewanee track - T-shirt weather.  Did a brief tempo workout then headed indoors.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drill 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 30, 31, 31, 31.5 
Saucony spikes on 
6 x 40m from blocks
I worked on my start a bit.  It felt ok but not good enough to probably run the 55m this first meet.  It's a little risky first race to start the season with, although I did it last year and a lot through the season. four 55/60s last season with no problem.  I may scratch the 55m and just do the 400m and maybe the 200m.

Ed Temple Classic heat sheets are up and I drew the worst possible lane in the 400m - lane one.  I just remembered .. TSU only has 5 lanes for 400/200 races... so they have to use lane one.    My friend John is in my heat and a 'David Jones' is in the previous heat - may be DJ from TX, the second fastest M50 400m guy in US.  I think it might be him because he comes to this part of the county this time of yr to race and is listed as unattached.   Saw him in B'ham last yr.   But, maybe not... common name.    Nice to see Don in the 200m, a fast M45 guy.  Nice not to be the only masters.

 A look at my weird starting technique.

Monday, January 4, 2016

long and short (updated)

Coldest day of the week, about 30º at the Sewanee track this afternoon with a light breeze.   I didn't have my long tights so I did a brief workout on the track then went to the indoor track to do blocks.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
500m - 81 
400m - 61 
Saucony spikes on 
5 x 40m from blocks
I fell way short of my goal of 77 in the 500m, but after a warm rest in the car, I ran a pretty strong 400m, it was almost even split.

I did as many starts as I could before my foot started to hurt.  I accelerated to full.

Well, I have my race body back, was in the 143s after workout.

TSU Ed Temple Classic - 1/10 - UPDATED

Looks like this Sundays meet is NOT going to be huge.   One of my unattached colleagues gave me wrong info.  Preliminary start lists are up  and it looks like it's mainly just MTSU, Fisk and TSU.       I signed up for all sprints, 55/400/200.    Slow whitey (me) will probably be last ... unless he can beat the polevaulter - whom the coach put in the 400m, probably just for a workout.  Just hope I don't hurt myself in the 55m to start.  I should be ok.  My occasional workout friend, John W., a distance runner, said he was going to sign up for the 400 / 200 just for fun.   It'll be fun to race him, he's 28, not yet 'a master'.   It'll be cool to see Coach Hayes too.

LIVE RESULTS will be posted HERE.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2x3x300 tempo

Same winter weather in Sewanee, fair skies, upper 30ºs but the air was still.   That makes a huge difference when it's in the 30ºs.

Benefits of having a blog is looking back at Jan of last year.  What was it that I did that got me to 55.11 in mid Jan?   Seems I was doing over distance, fast speed endurance intervals with rest, and tempo workouts; all pretty evenly emphasized.  So, I did one of the workouts I did last year at this time...

Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 48, 49.5, 49 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47.5, 49.5, 50.5

Took full rest in between sets.  Felt ok.  My foot is hanging in there.  No strains or other issues.  Still heavy, was probably close to 147 at workout time.  145.4 after workout.

You just never know how fast you are and even then, it all depends on execution and many other factors.   5 days before running my PR 400 at Vandy, I wrote on the blog:
 "Felt slow, and made me think I'm not ready to race a 400m, especially in this weekends Div I meet.  Probably will anyway if they let me in. "
One never knows, especially in the 400m.

Happy 2016, what could I do for an encore?  Not much, but keep trying.

Vanderbilt meets
This Vandy indoor 300m track could be the fastest I've ever run on.   They have 4 meets there this year, one was in Dec.   Unlike last year, they are not opening any of the meets online to unattached, so if I run, it will be by special permission.  I think it's a hassle for the coach and just easier for him to say no, like he did last year at the second Vandy meet ... where they were running heats of  2 and 3 people in the 200m.  You would think they'd let me in one of the 3 upcoming.

If I can't get into the 1/16 Vandy meet, I could go to the UAB Blazer meet in Birmingham on 1/15.