Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo: 400m M50 Championship Race

USATF Indoor Masters National Championships - Bloomington, IN, 3/16/12.

This photo taken near the 200m mark shows how fast I went out. I had a good start from the blocks. My first 200 was about 25.8 - 26. I was able to maintain this lead (to the surprise of many) throughout the second lap until slowing slightly in the last 40m.

Ian Smith (in red) from England, who has run 55.78 earlier this season, said to me - "When I saw how fast you went out I thought, 'what the hell is he doing?'" Ian is an 800m guy coming down to the 400m.

That's '06 World Champion J. Chinn in the white and Ray Parker in the blue. Those guys were really tightly packed on the last lap and probably wasted some energy passing and jockying for position.

I really never saw anyone through most of the race.

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