Thursday, March 22, 2012


Got out to the track early today to beat the rain. Did a few quality 300 sprints at 85-90%. I set as a goal even 14 sec 100m splits - 43 total. I beat the goal on the first one. Rested about 5-7 min in between.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

Saucony spikes on

3 x 300m - 42.5, 45, 44

2 x 100m striders - one from blocks

Inventory: Felt fine. Just slightly sore from the week's workouts. Mostly just sore feet. My weight is good, was 138.6 after workout.

Saturday's meet: I got decent lanes. Lane 6 for the 400m and lane 3 for the 200m at Vandy's Black and Gold meet. Of course, I'm in the slowest heats. In the 400m - right in the middle as my heat will have guys in lanes 4-8. In the 200m I have inside lane with guys in lanes 3-8. Great... anything but lane one or outside lane.

Yet another photo of the 200m Final. This is right near the end where I got edged out for a medal by James Chinn.