Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stairs - hops and sprints

Scott was visiting so he went with me to do a stair workout. I give him credit for doing 8 stair runs.

This will be my last stair session before Nationals. Next week, I'm going to taper off a bit.

One lap warmup, stretches.

10 x stair sprints

5 x 'half n halfs' - double leg hops over the bleachers half way up, sprint half way

Not exactly sure about a plan for this last week before Nationals but I may run every day if I feel good. Alternating heavy and light days. Clyde Hart grids do a pretty formidable workout 3 days before meet.


  1. A bit of balance in your life might be in order. No question why you're not married. It's quite evident. Not much time for anyone but yourself. "Beautiful" is a matter of opinion for sure.

    1. This sounds like a frustrated female .... one who isn't good at much of anything except sticking to folks from the 'shadows'. Keep on keeping on Billy!

  2. Actually, time is what I have in abundance... thankfully. And, not sure what you are referring to as 'beautiful'. Haven't mentioned that word here.

    Regarding balance... I guess you must know a lot of concert classical guitarists that also sprint competitively. I'm just a regular guy.

    I appreciate all comments on training. If you you'd like to comment on other subjects, please visit my other blog.

  3. A peaking cycle typically eliminates non specific training in the weeks before the meet. Specific event training reaches highest intensity/volume one to two weeks before event and then tapers as the event date comes closer. Good luck in the meet!