Saturday, March 25, 2017

WMACi World Championship report: 400m final

400m Final M55
Silver Medal

I brought my A game.  The race went down just as I expected it would. Me taking a sizable lead and Benoit catching me in the end. It was a good race. Of all my championship races, this was the fastest, indoor and outdoor. It was a French National record and a PR for Benoit, just 0.2 off the European record.  My time was the fastest M55 indoor 400m run by an American in 9 yrs. Faster than the world champion in Perth, and my PR on a 200m track.

I went down 2 age groups to M45 to lead off for the USA 4x200m relay. Not the strongest team as we had 2 M55 guys on it, but we medaled anyway... and we had competition.

It was an awesome meet in a great setting. Had some great experiences and much more to share when I get home.  For now, I'll be signing off to get ready for the long schlep home, which starts at 4 am for me.  It was a great meet.

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  1. Bill...your a World Champion, World Class Proud of you!