Monday, March 27, 2017

Walking in Daegu

Friday was a fun day.  After qualifying for the 400m final, I watched the meet with my team for a few hours.   Then I drove down town to get some food and walk around.   Unlike most of my colleagues, I rented a car.  

Fish on ice in attractive display cases, fileted on request

Well, there are at least 2 signs I can read...

Sushi dinner with kimchi and soup... out with teammate Stephen Gould for dinner

Typical downtown farmer's market
Another market.  Apparently strawberries were in season.    Very good!!  and just $2 a lb.
Koreans love fried food... a street side tempura place.
Phad Thai
My bathroom - with jacuzzi and shower / steam room

I think it's hard for Koreans to speak English.  Beware of drunken use of the steam room, and especially ... 'the scald'

I didn't really ever figure out how this works.   However, it is a heated seat with a bidet and an ass blow drier.

My room

Mountains in the distance, comparable to the Catskills

Puzzling... why have a door at all to the toilet stall in a locker room if it is glass?

View of Siberia on the way home

The M45 Bronze medalist from Spain traded singlets with me... this will be a cool shirt to train in.  Viva Espana.

One of the things weighing on my mind throughout the trip was the rental car.  It seems that on Monday, my first day at the stadium, someone hit my car, scraping the bumper and cracking the plastic.   I thought I would be held responsible for it.  I had thoughts of myself running from the building and being chased by the police... because I was NOT going to give them my credit card.  I had to return to the car to the rental place before 10pm Sat. night.  I got there about 9:50.  They took my keys and smiled and I was on my way.  Whew... no problem.

It was 40º and raining.  I had an umbrella but still wanted to take a cab.  I found a cab but the guy refused my credit card and said the only English word he could say, "sorry!"   I walked another mile and was happy to find a cafe ... Korea's version of Panera called, "Paris Bagette Cafe."  It was a real small place, just me and the two owners.  I had a hot coffee and pastry, then walked the rest of the way to my hotel.  I think it was about 2.5 miles in total.  

I stayed awake most of the night packing and caught a taxi to the airport at 4:45 am.  Glad I got there when I did... a huge line formed behind me.   I judged the money situation pretty well.  I came home with about 5000 Korean Won... or about $4.  Cool souvenir.  

At American Customs, I had a fun exchange with the Customs officer.  He asked me what was I doing in Korea?  I told him.   Then he asked, "What are you bringing back with you?"  I said, "A Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze."  He congratulated me and we chatted briefly about the competition.  


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