Monday, March 20, 2017

First day - training and observing

I watched the prelims of the 60m and now the finals are set.  I kick myself for not running the 60m, as the semi times were not incredibly fast.   7.79 was the fastest.  Last season I ran 7.75 and 7.77 three times.   Of those running the 200m, Rob looks the fastest with a 7.79, but Rudi is close with a 7.81.  Ray who finished behind me in Grand Rapids, ran well with a 7.83.  Toru only ran 8 flat.

After those races, I went to the larger training facility and put in a good brief workout.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 100m at 400m race pace ~ 13

I got a good sweat going and I think it was good and necessary shake out.  My feet were a bit sore from the workout and all the walking, happy to get in the jacuzzi after coming back here.

Peter from Germany, a major competitor in the 400m did not show for the 800m.  I'm wondering if he'll also scratch the 400m.  If so, it would help me, but I think he's here.

200m heat 
There are 63 competitors in my 200m event.  I'm in heat 7 of 11 heats in the 200m.   I have lane 6 which means, I won't see anyone.  I like the outside lanes, 5 better than 6.  3 of my 4 competitors are slow (based on previous races), one is an unknown.    I probably need to take it easy tomorrow and just win and not try to impress anyone with a fast time.   My brief workout today reminded me of my aches and pains that come with the level of work I've been putting in.  I think there'll be at least some scratches (no shows), like there was in the 60m.   Whatever, we'll see how it goes tomorrow for my first race, the 200m prelim, 3pm Daegu time.

Warm up track

While at the warmup track, I chatted briefly with Roland G., fastest man in the world over 50 from Germany.  He won Gold in all 3 sprints in Perth.  He just set the WR in the M50 indoor 400m 51.92.   He essentially trains much like I do, a long to short regime, 800s down to fast 300s.  

I'm trying not to sleep too early but I'm tired... will probably be up too early local time.  But, I need to catch up on sleep.   Here's a photo of the local topography...  driving in Korea.



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