Friday, March 24, 2017

WMACi World Championship report: 400m prelim

Three rounds of the 200m have taken its toll since I didn't hold back in any of the rounds. My feet were really sore today, but actually feel better this evening.

In our 2 heats, I had a good position in the second heat to see the time to beat to get top seed. Benoit ran just under 58.   Benoit had a day off and I didn't and so I wanted to save as much as possible and win my heat.

I ran a relaxed 27 or so for my first split after winning the break. I ran pretty strong until the last turn when I started looking around and realized how far ahead I was and shut it down coming down the straight. That would prove to be a mistake as I finished .6 behind Benoit. He's going to be really tough to beat and I just made it harder on myself having to run blind from lane 6. Bottom line is I'm going to have to go out like hell to beat him at the break, and it's always risky to go out too fast especially against a strong 800m champion.  I'm definitely not real confident for Gold tomorrow, it'll probably be Silver.  I'd just like to break 56, which will be hard if I go out wicked fast.

Unfortunately, I got moved down to the m45 4x200 relay. It's not as strong a team as our original planned m50 team.   We'll medal, not sure which color.

Should be a fun day tomorrow.  400m final is early, medal ceremonies, closing ceremonies, team photo, dinner out.  Whatever happens, I'm fine with it.  I already have a World title, and I moved up a spot to #2 in the world 200m rankings for the season.

I'll have more photos and stories to share when I return. I had a fun walk around the city after my 200m win yesterday.