Sunday, March 26, 2017

People - WMACi '17

About 3 hrs into my 13 hr flight on Delta wifi.  Taking a more southerly route. Presently leaving
Japan airspace and moving toward the Kamchatka peninsula of Russia.  We'll fly over the Alloutian Is, across the Bering straight and across northern Alaska and the Yukon.

Well, updating that from my phone was too much for the limited device, so now... back in TN.

Some people photos from WMACi:

call room - 200m prelims 
w/ Shane (Ireland), Rob (USA), Andreas (Germany)

Bob Lida - fastest M80 man who ever lived
He set WRs in the 200m and 400m (29. & 70.)

Among the super elite - two double Gold Medalists:
Fastest M50 man in the world - Roland Groger (Germany)
set WR in the 400m (51.73) and won the 200m
Fellow Music Prof, Benoit Zavattero won the M55 800m and 400m
logged the fastest indoor M55 400m in the world in 9 years: 54.39.
French National record and 0.2 off the European record

W75 400m medalists

Teammate and M55 60m Gold medalist Rob and I in the Normatecs
at the Team USA trainers area
"I am he as you are he as you are me ...and we are all together"
(you won't get it unless you know the Beatles)
One of the many outdoor performances

Award for both fastest and best looking women's relay team: W40 Gold Medalists from Latvia

Closing ceremonies ... a lot of pomp, speeches, and pageantry

Stay tuned, more to come.   ATT sucks, my internet is down at home, but at least using a laptop ....

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