Saturday, March 4, 2017

Meet Report - Berry College

It was a good outing.   The weather was ideal at Berry College in N. Georgia, low 60ºs and calm winds.  This was the earliest outdoor meet I've ever done and the first time I've run outdoor before the indoor season has finished.

400m - 55.79
200m - 24.92 

I drew lane one, heat 2... one of the slowest in the heat, so I asked Phil the timer if he would move me to the slower heat so I could get out of lane 1.  In a heat of 5, I had my choice of 2 or 7, I chose lane 2.   On this type of track, an IAAF, the turns are longer and less tight than the equal quadrant track I train on.  So, inside lanes are not as bad.

I had some really slow, seemingly untrained guys in my heat from small DIII colleges (Covenant and Emanuel).  I got out well and immediately made up the stagger on lanes 4 and 5.  The guy in lane 6 took off and was far ahead.  I made up the stagger on lane 3 and we hit the home stretch at the same time.   He began to struggle and suffer,  so I cruised by him.   I feel like I tightened a bit in the last 20m and that probably cost me a really good time.  Nevertheless,  I finished second in my heat.   It was just 0.07 slower than my last season's outdoor best, but .14 faster than my winning time at '16 outdoor Nationals.

second in heat

I was whipped after the 400m and didn't think I had much left for the 200m, about 70 min later.  But, I went for it.

Got lane 6 in the 3rd heat, which was the second slowest heat...  a full heat of 8.  There weren't any real fast guys in my heat, high 23s at best.  And... I had all 3 Sewanee sprinters in my heat, 2 to my outside in 7 and 8.  Sewanee is my hometown college and I'm friends with Jeff the coach, so it was nice to be racing them.    Got out well, made up the stagger on the 2 Sewanee guys immediately and was 3rd or 4th coming off the turn.   I stretched out and passed the 3rd Sewanee guy in lane one.   The 2 leaders went on to contest a close race for first.  I ended up 5th, just 0.16 behind 4th, with the 3 Sewanee guys behind me, quite a ways back.  My time was decent, in the top 5 of my 200m times not wind aided.

In lane 6 on the left

It was a tiring day but a good workout.  I enjoyed wearing my Team USA kit from Lyon '15 once again.   I was concerned about my right ham, but no problems.  Everything feels fine.

Here's a photo of me and the 2 stragglers in my 400m heat.   These boys need to suffer a bit more if they want to run the 400m in college.

Guys in my 400m heat - 4th and 5th place

With these times in the books for outdoor season, I think I'd be better served if I trained through next weekend instead of racing in Birmingham.  Haven't decided yet 100%, but I need to aim for Daegu.

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