Tuesday, March 14, 2017

one week from today

One week from today the 200m prelims start.  I'll be racing in Daegu, Korea in this world class facility, together with 101 members of Team USA and 4700 athletes from 75 countries.   No off days, I'll be racing 5 days in a row.  My age group looks to have 11 heats of the 200m, and 9 heats of the 400m.   For the first time in a world meet, I'll be racing three 400s in 2 days.  Unlike my competitors who run the 800m, I will not have a day off from competition.  I've never raced two 400s in a day.  In fact, I will run all three rounds of the 400 in just 22 hrs!  Friday 12:30 prelim, 7:20pm semi, Sat. 10:00 am final... then 4 hrs rest and the 4x200m relay.   (Kind of a weird schedule - 3 days for the 200, but 2 for the 400.   Since only the heat winner is guaranteed to move to the next round, I need to win my heats and will be looking around a lot in the prelims.  Semis are important for lane assignment, so there will be no foolin' around.  Lane assignment is even more important indoors.

Today in TN, the weather is pretty bad so I may not go to the track.  It's supposed to stay below freezing all day with occasional snow showers.  Tomorrow, I'm limited to a morning workout and it is forecast to be in the low 20ºs with a windchill of 10ºF at 10am.   Looks like I'll get to use my long tights.

I know my body and despite my leanness, I am notably heavier.  I do think I have increased muscle mass in my legs and glutes from the weights, hills, and protein.  I will continue to try and reduce weight a bit, but lately I'm ranging from 144.5 - 148, or about 2 lbs heavier than I was at Nationals.  I think I definitely felt some extra power in my last 200m race at Berry.

So, the end of my indoor season training will be:  light resistance workout today along with stretching and roller, a moderate volume workout tomorrow (probably too cold for event runs), off Thurs, final workout Friday.  Leave early Sat, arrive in Korea Sun. night.  Off Monday.  Race Tue-Sat.

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