Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday 300s

Today I got a late start, on the track at 10am.   Wanted to wait til tonight but with a junk meet early tomorrow morning, I decided to get out there despite a late night.

Picking it up in pace, I did a tempo endurance workout: 8 x 300m with 3 min rest (which stretched to 4 min on the last few).   I picked a 45 second pace - 15 sec. 100m splits - or about 61 sec. 400m pace.

600m warmup, stretches, drills  
Saucony spikes on
8 x 300m  - 45, 45.5, 46, 47, 47.5, 47.5, 46.5, 49

It was hard.  The sun was blazing by the time I ran my last few.  It is expected to be in the upper 80sº today, but even this morning in the upper 70sº, it felt hot.

Penn Relays M50 100m
I sent a message to those involved that Tony DiSalvo ran in Darnell Gatling's place even though Gatling got credit for it.   I hope they straighten it out.  Felton may not want to, because he'd have to admit he broke protocol.   We'll see.   Tony was not even an official alternate.

I think I may have earned one uninfamous distinction - the fastest 6th place finish in Penn Relays history for the M50 100m.   Such a fast heat.

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