Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday on the track

Perfect day, mid 50s but feeling much warmer. Back to the track for a quantity workout. But since it's mid season... faster, shorter and a bit more recovery. Faster 400 repeats today, 15 sec even split goal.

800m warm up, stretches, drills

saucony spikes on

5 x 400m - 59.5, 61, 62, 63, 62.5

I did manage to pull even or negative splits on most of these. Feeling a little heavy, started the workout at 142.8 lbs.

Regarding the discussion on strength work, I am not in a traditional strength program. What I do is more like 'strength maintenance.' I'm not on a progressive program where I am constantly adding weight, reps. It's about maintaining a strength balance between muscle groups and injury prevention. It's kind of like guitar playing. I can't improve as a guitarist by simply playing music. Finger strength, independence and dexterity must be maintained by exercises and drills apart from playing music.

When I was a kid, I would think nothing about taking off at full sprint... anytime, anywhere. Not so at this age. Preparation is paramount. That's how I see strength work.


More on this strength training issue. On strength work days, I usually do stairs in the morning and resistance bands at night. Since I will probably run the 400 again this weekend, I ask myself, what type of work will help me most on that last 100m? If it's a choice between stairs and tempo endurance/event runs, I'd have to go with the track instead of the stairs. Thinking about substituting a tempo endurance workout tomorrow for the stairs while still doing the resistance tomorrow night. Or I could do some of each - stairs and track?

So many ways to torture myself, can't decide how. I think I can over train a little as long as I take 2 days before the meet - Thurs and Friday - fairly light. Next 2 mornings are supposed to be very cool. Conducive to torture. Funny how I can run 5 x 400 and 2 hrs later my feet are too sore to jog across the parking lot. That's the nature of this beast.

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