Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pre-race day light workout

Hit the track tonight for a very light workout. Nothing much, just enough to loosen up and get a light sweat.

Beautiful evening, got to run under the lights. Had to share the stadium with the women's soccer team that was practicing.

Knowing I have lane 8 in the 400m, I ran an easy negative split 300m and did 5 starts in lane 8.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

saucony spikes on

300m - 45 (100m splits: 16, 15, 14)

5 x 80m - on the curve, from the lane 8 400m start

Felt good, no physical issues. 139.6 after workout. Been eating real light, want to be light for these races. It would be great to be below 139 lbs.

Conditions: The rain chances have decreased to 30% for Sat. There will be a wind shift at some point from SW (good) to N (bad), probably Friday night. Since the rain is coming late Friday night, there may be a tail wind for the 200m in the afternoon, and after the wind shift, much cooler with a headwind on the homestretch of the 400m with temps in the upper 50sÂș. Anything would be better than that down pour last time I ran there.

I checked out the competition.  There is only one other guy about my speed in the 200m (over 24), everyone else is much faster.   If I can hang with anyone in the meet, chances are I'll be near a PR.  Same situation in the 400, but noone even close.   All are much faster.   Last week, most of the fast guys were at the Sea Ray Relays.   This week they are here at Vanderbilt.

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