Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ladder down, speed up

Cloudy with occasional sprinkles, cool - 61º today at the track, perfect day to work. Only two days off but it felt like a long time.

I wanted to combine quantity and quality since this would be my major workout this week, so I decided to do a down ladder with increasing speed. These were my goals:

600m - 17 sec 100m splits (68 sec 400m + 34 sec 200m) = 1:42
500m - 16 sec 100m splits (64 sec 400m + 16 sec 100m) = 80 sec
400m - 15 sec 100m splits = 60 sec
200m - 15, 14 sec 100m splits = 29
200m - 14, 13 sec 100m splits = 27

I pretty much nailed it, just a step short on the first two. And I beat the clock on the 400m.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

saucony spikes on

600m - 1:42.5

500m - 80.5 sec

400m - 59.5 sec

2 x 200m - 29, 27 sec

I was pleased that I could manage a sub 60 sec 400m after a 600 and a 500. It drained me, so it was hard to do much more. After the first 600m, I started each following sprint with my heart beat still about 120 bpm - not much more than 5 min rest. So, it was tiring. The last and fastest 200 felt good. I have to remember to elevate on the curve, something I don't think enough about when I'm trying to hug that line. It's easy to let the stride shorten on the curve.

Forecast for the Vandy meet this Fri-Sat: not good. 50% rain chance. It sure would be nice not to run in a downpour again.

Weight is good: 139.8 after workout

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