Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bright cold Wednesday morning

I'm going to miss these cold mornings. I think the cold air eases the pain of hard training sessions. It was a sunny bright 40º this morning with frost in open areas. The photo show the view of track athletes that enter the Dean Hayes Track Stadium... with the characteristic MTSU thunderbolts on the pavement underfoot. The utility box on the right is covered with postings for the track team. It's a great facility.

I went to bed fairly early, about midnight, and I woke up completely thinking it was time to hit the track ... but the clock said 1:50 am. I could not get back to sleep so I listened to the TV a few hours and got up. I did manage to doze off for about 30 min but that was it. Slept less than 3 hrs last night so I'll be taking a nap after this post.

Did my 4 x 500 workout. Fastest of 3 previous similar workouts. I set a goal of even 16 sec 100m splits - 64 sec 400 + 16 sec 100. I got it only on the first one, which was fairly painless, but stayed close on the others.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

saucony spikes on

4 x 500m - 80.5, 83, 84, 85

Here's a comparison of this and my previous 4 x 500m sessions in average 500m speed:

3/11 - 87.25
3/20 - 86.375
4/2 - 84.875
4/11 - 83.125

It should be said that on those 3 other workouts, I also ran at least 2 x 200 after the 500s. Anyway, that's 6400m of sprints this week and it's only Wed. Tomorrow, maybe an event run and some shorter faster stuff.

At race weight - 139.4 lbs. after workout.

Today, I'll register for the Boston Moon Classic at TSU. 400m and 200m.

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  1. Insomia - I have that problem sometimes also. But usually around 3 to 4 AM and related to work stress. Not fun.