Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday long sprints

In Sewanee for one of my long sprint workouts.   Still a little sore from the 100s at Penn Relays so I didn't want to do anything real fast.   So again, a 4 x 500m workout.   Cumulatively, tied my fastest previous 4x500, so it was tiring.

I set my goal splits to 82:  66 sec 400m (32/34) + 16 sec 100m.
500m warmup, stretches, drills 
saucony spikes on 
4 x 500m - 82.5, 81, 83, 86
Avg: 83.125
After the third one I was pretty spent.  Even after a generous rest, 86 was still a hard last 500m.  This exactly tied my previous best avg. time for this workout.  This felt hard because it was warm, upper 70ºs.

Two hand timed masters 'junk meets' ahead: Tues. and Sat.    I will definitely run all the sprints and maybe the 800m if I can rest a bit.  The 800m would be tough after running 3 all out sprints.  I'd like 30 min rest after the 400m but I doubt that will be possible.   These meets run everything consecutive - shortest to longest.

Feel like I'm coming down to the wire here.  Southeastern Masters on 5/12 is sort of the 'end of regular season finale' for me before a long break from competition.   I'd really like to do well.  I would love to improve on my times from last year but that will be tough:  400m - 55.54 and 200m - 25.34.

After the SE Masters, there is 5 weeks until the Bluegrass Games and the TN Assoc. meet in June, then the TN Senior Games in July, and the Masters Nationals in Aug.   The Masters Nationals are a full 3 months (12 weeks) after SE Masters.   That's a long time.  A long time to stay fit ... or maybe time for a break and new training cycle.

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  1. No brainer. Take a break, start a new cycle.