Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Negative split sprints

I did negative split long sprints today with a focus on sprinting the turn.

First, a 400m with a goal of 30/28. Came up a step short but ran the last 100m into the wind.

Then 300's, but with two 100s on the turn: turn - straight -turn; as opposed to the way I normally run them: straight - turn - straight. My goal was splits of 15/15/14.

Then even split 200s - 14/14 - starting on the straight and finishing at the end of the turn.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

Saucony spikes on

400m - 58.5 (30, 28.5)

2 x 300m - 44, 44.5

3 x 200m - 27.5, 28.5, 27.5
Getting back to near race weight: 140.0 after workout.

My goal was to really attack the curve today. It feels awkward to maintain good form while fatigued on the last 100m turn of the 400m. When running the turn at or under 14 sec, I tend to lean more, my arms further out from my sides, my stride shortens, and I generally feel a bit hindered by the torque. This final turn is the key to running a fast 400m because this is where I first start losing speed and where I really have to "attack and commit." If I ever hope to break 55 sec, my second 200m must be around 28.5. I think running 26/28.5 is an attainable goal. I also think that 54.50 would be about my maximum physical capability, based on my present 200m speed. In these next 3 college meets, I'd love to break 55.00 in the 400m, and 25.00 in the 200m.

The 100m vs 400m dilemma.

Unlike Masters track meets, college meets assume that no one will ever run both the 400m and the 100m, so they are scheduled 400m first, followed immediately by the 100m. I hate this. I could easily race a 100m and with 30-40 min rest, come back and race a 400m. It effectively eliminates any chance of me running both races in any college meet. But, since I'm signed up for the 100m dash at Penn Relays, I may just run the the 100m at TSU on 4/17. Haven't decided yet. Since I ran 3 'straight races' in the indoor season, I think I could get away with not runnng a 100m before Penn.

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