Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet report - TSU Boston Moon Invite

No Gain

My string of 4 consecutive meets with progressively faster times - comes to an end.

55.77 - 400m

25.13 - 200m

Disappointing, yes... but it could have been worse. It was my 2nd fastest 200m and my 3rd fastest 400m, 2nd fastest this season.

UPDATE - Results: Overall - 27th of 34 in the 400m. 36th of 40 in the 200m.
Nice to beat a few people in my heats in this college meet. Makes be feel like I belong. I'm certainly the only sprinter here over 25.

Conditions: a fast sky-blue rubber track, strong winds gusting to 25 mph. 75ยบ. The wind was blowing from the south diagonally across the track in such a way that when running into the final turn, or starting the 200m, it was directly into a headwind.

400m - Mentally not as aggressive as I should have been. Tried to float a bit and save more, but just didn't have it. Tried to conserve too much I think. From lane 6, there was only one guy in front of me at 200m, and by a lot... 10m+. What I heard his coach say to him at the 200m mark I thought it was pretty funny: "23.5 - you gotta maintain it.. they're comin' !" Well, at least I beat two guys in my heat, and several overall. It hurt, but not as much as my PR last week: 55.14

200m - Start was ok, but I felt a little fatigued before it started and didn't finish as strong as last week. Probably waiting around sooo long in the sun before my heat, 27 heats of 200s and I was in #26. I definitely beat one guy in my heat and it was very close between me and 2 others.

Inventory - No injuries, but achey in my left knee and hip.
My father suggested my slow times were due to me being a 'little fat' for this meet. I don't think that was it. Weighed 140.0 before I left, and by race time, after 2 toilet sessions, I was definitely at race weight. I weighed 138.8 when I returned home, about the same as last week. I think my lack of PR performance, especially in the 400, was because I was running a little gunshy and didn't have my mind right. Next time - attack!

It bums me out to not run any PRs, wonder if this is the beginning of the inevitable decline.

Vanderbilt Invitational is next weekend, last home college meet, and on a great track. Even better is the fact that the 200m is Friday evening, and the 400m on Saturday afternoon. I really hope to do better next week.


  1. "No physical issues, just a little heavier now than I'd like. After dinner, 142.6 lbs."

    It was this comment that led me to believe that your weight was a bit high as you entered 'race day'. Guess not .... sorry, you're anything but 'FAT'. Don't be discouraged, your efforts were probably 'wind effected' and you shouldn't dwell upon a 400 time which is fast enough to still be leading the US and a 200 time only 21/100th slower than last week's time.

  2. Agree with your dad - overall your results are excellent.

    But you can't expect gains every meet. Too many variables. Perhaps the "flatness" was from a heavy training load. This can be good or bad. If it was from a heavy load, with a proper taper, this can lead to a rebound and peak performance. On the other hand, if from heavy training and you continue it or increase the intensity, it can lead to longer term staleness. Do you have a meet next week? Cut your training in half for the week and try for a peak performance.

  3. I was thinking about a plan for next week. Perhaps one real hard day of tempo endurance, one day of strength and then just light speed work.

  4. I think you are on the right path...can't keep building week over week - either plan a downcycle or your body will do one for you...

    How best to harness the previous three weeks of intensive training for the upcoming meet? If you accept the hypothesis that you are a little flat from a heavy training load, then a break in intensity is necessary to consolidate gains. How should the break be structured? Probably should give the body more respite sooner rather than later. For instance, train shorter and lighter early in the week and add a little intensity (but less than previous weeks) later in the week.

    I really think with your increased training volume you should have the fitness to run a faster 400. Now you just need to manage your workload over the next days to let it come out...good luck!

  5. I am a blind runner and just found your blog! Agree with previous post about your training load. Back off and then race again. It is also unrealistic to expect a pr every time out... Good luck on Sat.