Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the street

Due to some huge soccer event, I could not use the track tonight. So, I hit the street.

I wanted to do a good hard run, but wow, did that make me feel shitty. I ran a half mile pretty near full out and got a kinda sickly feeling.
Spira training shoes on

1/2 mile warmup, stretches, drills

1/2 mile - 2:28 (69, 79)

200m (straight) - 25.5
Reminds me not to run run that race. (Was actually considering it at SE Masters). That 1/2 mile was painful. Maybe because I haven't been eating or sleeping very well. I ran it in sprint form. I also ran a 200 where I accelerated to 100%. That felt good, powerful.

Anyway, good enough for today. That 7400m of sprints this week. Hope to get to the track for some technique and starts tomorrow.

Saturday's Boston Moon Invitational
I drew lane 6 in both the 400 and 200. I'm not in the slowest heat. The guys running in the lanes outside of me have slower seed times so they won't be much help. Lane 6 is ok. Anything but lane 1.

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