Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preparing for a return to the track

Since there is a state high school track meet at the stadium tonight and this weekend, I'm planning my first running workout for tomorrow morning very early - before the meet starts. It should be nice and cool, in the low 60s.

Been doing squats, leg adductors and abductors with bands, lunges, squat leaps, quad and hams.

It's definitely getting better. I can barely feel any problems with the groin. By tomorrow it should be fine.

Nevertheless... I don't need a setback so I'll try and keep all sprints under 75%, concentrating on 400s - bright and early tomorrow.

One good thing is that my weight remains very good at 137.8 which is surprising since I've been eating a lot of fat in the form of nuts lately and I've gone back to putting raw sugar in my tea.

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