Friday, May 20, 2011

Pre race day 5/20/11

I felt pretty sluggish at first on the track tonight. At sunset with the temps in the 70s, it didn't take long to warm up and I enjoyed running shirtless. Once I got going, I wanted to do more ... and that explains what I did last, which makes no sense.

800m warm up and drills

Spikes on.

All from blocks:

2 x 80m on the curve

200m at 85% effort - 27.5

100m at 85% effort - 13.5

2 x 50m

training shoes on

400m at 85% effort - 65

So, why would I end a workout with a 400m right before a 100/200 race day? I just feel as if I'm losing my conditioning. I was a bit tired after that 27.5 200m and felt that I'm just not in the best shape for someone who will be running a triple 400/200/100 in a regional championship meet in 3 weeks. Next week, I think I may do 2 days of long sprint foundation work. Definitely some fast 400 repeats. Maybe even a 600 thrown in for extra pain. That, in addition to the usual 200s and 100s, is what I think I need to get ready for a decent triple. Not to mention, the 400m may actually turn out to be my best event for all I know. Need to up the plyos, stadium stairs, and do some resistance block work which I have not done in a long time.

Weight is pretty much on target: 137.6

Mmmm ... Spirutein and Hammer vanilla cinnamon protein shake with apple cinnamon Hammer Gel and prunes. Cappuccino. Delicious dinner.

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