Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nashville District Senior Games

Three Golds

I was nervous about my first 100m race since the hamstring injury in the 100m at Vanderbilt on 3/26. It was a rainy day and I took my time warming up but the heats ran so slow, it seemed my warmup was fatiguing me before I got started. Unlike Chattanooga District Games, there was some competition. Last year's 100m winner was there and also another tall fast guy who took the lane next to me.

My start wasn't steller but the race felt great! No strains or pulls and a decent time: 12.15 (h) -which would convert to about 12.38 FAT. Considering my training has been very cautious and not very rigorous, and the fact that this high school track wasn't the best and it was raining, this time was encouraging. Once I start to do more power work, plyometrics, and maybe some overspeed training, I hope to get my time close to that Holy Grail of 'the 11's.' As I said, there was competition. The guy next to me (about 6'5") was suprisingly right out of the blocks with me, but I pulled away from him at 40m. Two guys tied for second, including last years State Gold Medalist at 12.97. I won the 100m by about 9 meters over the second place finishers. The state record of 12.32 FAT is within reach. Interesting to note that at my best in highschool I ran 11.1. Today's 12.15 means that I've retained 91% of my highschool speed ... from (OMG!) ... 33 years ago.

I had a middle lane in this race and saw no one after I made up the split. 25.22 (h) would convert to about 25.48 FAT. This would be under the state record of 12.7 - the easiest one to get. I didn't feel exceptionally strong coming down the last 50m.

I added the 400m as an afterthought. I didn't originally intend to run this but I did it for the workout. 58.06 (h) is the slowest 400m I've run it in 4 races and I felt really weak coming up the home stretch. I'm definitely not in condition to do a 100/200/400 triple right now. I have not done the ball-busting interval work necessary to maintain long sprint fitness. And let me tell you, that type of fitness disappears very quickly ... it's week to week.

My weight was a lb heavier than I like to race at: 137. Now that I'm healthy, time to recover and get ready to bust ass. Got to be cautious because it's usually the first workout after a meet where I strain something.

It looks like my next event will be another hand timed race in Huntsville, AL next Sat. evening. Maybe one good hard workout by mid-week. Long sprints Monday.

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