Friday, September 30, 2016


I think so.  Feeling ready to get back to the track.  Was going to wait til Sunday, but I think Saturday, then Tuesday is a good plan, so I'll have 2 days rest in between and an opportunity to cross train.

Doc didn't seem too concerned about me training as my pain level was not anywhere near where it would be with a torn plantar.  He showed me the right way to attach a metatarsal pad (I was doing it wrong) and with the proper k-tape application, I almost feel like I have a new foot.  It takes away nearly all of the stress and pain, but I'm sure I will have some burning once I start again.

weights tonight, hip flexors, adds, glutes  
2000m row in 8:56.  

I'll probably keep it light and fast the first time back.  Maybe just a few split 400s or something.   Doc prescribed a steroid pac as a precaution.  I probably won't use it unless I have to toward the end of my training in a few weeks.  I did not file a TUE with USADA for the m-predisone, because I will likely use it before I leave.  Doc was against injection of anti inflammatory because of possible weakening of the plantar plate.  He also thought PRP injection wouldn't be necessary, although a colleague of mine highly recommended it.

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