Saturday, October 1, 2016

Not yet

Decided to wait til Monday to return to the track to be safe.   It's not healing real fast but it is better.  I need to expect some end of season aches and pains but I don't want to damage myself.   I did the rower for the third consecutive night, some stretching, A skips and B skips.

Tomorrow I will do aqua running in the pool.   I'm going to do only 2 track workouts this coming week, Monday and Friday.  Then if all goes well, then the following week - Sunday, Tues, Friday, and race Sun 10/16.

I could have run today with some moderate pain but better to wait I think.   Still have almost 4 weeks.

Did less on the rower but harder with less rest.

Concept 2 rower 
5 x 500m w/ 90 sec rest -  1:55 - 1:58  (39 spm)


  1. reasonable, spm is still on the high side

  2. I have poor mechanical advantage for rowing. Having a 29' inseam, I have to depend on turnover.