Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Injury update

I think this metatarsalgia injury is traceable to the previous week where I sought to dive in hard after running a disappointing time at that Nashville meet on 9/17.   I trained 6 of 7 days including an ambitious strength workout on the weight sled - which I suspect exacerbated my injury issue due to the fact that it was a relatively new regime, and the fact that it by it's very nature, requires a lot of forefoot flexion.

I've consulted two foot specialist physicians who treat runners (and are athletes themselves).   One has said that I could could get some relief from both an anti inflammatory oral steroid and/or a 'well timed' anti inflammatory steroid injection, provided that the plantar plate is not significantly damaged.  That can be determined upon my Friday exam with Dr. W.   He may be able to determine that with a Lachman's test, or possibly an MRI.  

I was scheduled to do a track workout tomorrow night but I may opt for the rowing machine instead.

I just received my Olympic team uniform, speedsuit, singlet, sweats, etc...   A real shame if I'm not able to use them.

Dad suggested a taping that may just work.  Frankly, it's feeling much better tonight, not 100%, but better the more rest I get.  If I am to come close to attaining my A-game again with this setback, cross training will be essential.  I'm thinking aqua running in the pool (as much as I hate it), and the concept 2 rower.

Also, Dr. R has said that I may need to request a TUE from USADA for the oral cortico-steroid.  I'll call them in the morning.

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