Monday, September 19, 2016


After doing my ab routine at home, I hit the football field to push the sled.  In complete darkness, the stars were awesome and it was a perfect 70º in Sewanee.  I wondered what the sky would look like at night in Australia.

2 x 50 each leg - hanging abs straps with 10lb ankle weights 
8 x 60 yds - 60 lb sled push sprints 
2 x 15 - ham/glute raises with 30lbs 
2 x 40 - calf raises with 300 lbs 
hip flexors, adductors, rows

I don't know what it is about these sled pushes, but they are more fatiguing than hill sprints or stadium stairs.  I had to walk 100m in between each.  Doing 8 was hard, like running 20 stadium stair sprints.  Aerobically, like running a hard 200m and they burn like nothing else, but not where you'd expect it.  Not in the glute or hams but in the lower quad.  My quads were pumped.  60 yds is a good distance, felt fine until the last 20 yds ... then it gits ya.   Quite a burn.

Hope to do this again on Mondays.


  1. don't fall in love with the sled just because it is working a specific area and giving a training response. It's utility comes in cross training, but specificity for your endeavor is poor.