Monday, September 12, 2016

event run, tempo 200s

Beautiful day in Sewanee, still warm ... low 80s but not humid at sunset.  I had the track to myself.
Hoka Clifton 1s on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
100m and 50m striders 
Puma spikes on  
40m strider 
300m event run - 40 (13, 13.2, 13.8) 
Hoka Clifton 1s on 
4 x 200m with 1 min rest - 30, 30.5, 31.5, 32

I was happy to have nailed my race splits and to come in at 40 flat at 300m. It was on par for a sub 56 pace... but that of course would depend on my last 100m, and I don't know if I'm in that kind of shape yet.  I am doing a bit of a taper down because I'm going to race a 400m at a local Sr. Games event (hand timed) on Sat.  Not many opportunities to race this time of year.  Thought about running the 200 and the 400, but I think I'll just run the 400.  I'm hoping the TN Sr Games schedules a meet in Chattanooga in Oct.   Still TBA.

I may go out tomorrow for a quick set of 4x200m tempo again, then get the blocks out on Thurs for another event run.  This time of year, there are sometimes conflicts with local athletic teams.  So far, no problems.

Getting fit and light.  142.4 after workout.  Almost there.  7 weeks from today is my first race in Perth.

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