Thursday, June 7, 2012

Starts, curves

Brought my camera to analyze my start.  Beautiful evening at the track at sunset.

Ran 2 quick 300s, a 200 and a 100, all from blocks.   Ran the 300s from the 400m start (curve - straight -curve).

The workout today was faster than I had planned to do.   Must have been the shoes.

800m warmup, stretches , drills
Puma Bolt spikes on
All from blocks:
2 x 300m - 41, 43 
200m - 27
100m - 13
Many starts
Again, working out in these supremely comfortable Pumas.   Even without socks, I feel I could run all day without a hint of a blister or foot pain.   Watching the NCAA Championships today, no one wears these.   Seems like it's Nike and Adidas.  No Pumas.

Plan: Two days before my first meet in 5 weeks.  Looking forward to running the 100m again.  I'm going to do some resistance tonight and take it easy the next 2 days with light workouts and nothing fast.

Everything is fine and I'm 140.2 lbs before dinner after a light day of eating.   

Here is a comparison of the 'Animal start' vs. the conventional.   (Animal is first).
Below that, the first step of each start.   The Animal start consistently yields a first step about 8" further (first photo), a more powerful position, and a seemingly faster acceleration to top speed.  The feet are 1" closer to the line in the 'Animal start'.   It is a bit cramped with pronounced forward lean and a lot of weight on the hands - hence the bent elbows poised to push.  This is like an animal jumping from 'all fours'.


  1. I like the 'beast bunch' for you. It may also keep you 'down' a bit longer which I also think is positive.

  2. I'd only make one suggestion.... you may wish to spread your fingers (forward base)so to be in a better 'pushing position' with your hands.... try it.

  3. I think the 'staying down longer' thing is over rated / over emphasized. The goal is not form, it is speed and the sooner one can achieve top speed, the better. But yes, the Animal start keeps me low as if i am almost tumbling forward.