Thursday, June 21, 2012

Masters Invitational sprinters at Olympic trials

The USATF Masters Invitational program involves a few elite masters exhibition events at premier track meets in the US.  These events showcase top men and women athletes aged 40 and up.

The last and most prestigious of these events will take place on June 30, 5:40 pm at the US Olympic trials:  Masters Men 200m, and Masters Women 400m.

The qualifying standards for the Masters 200m are stiff:  23.50 (40-49) and 23.65 (50-59).  Only 8 are accepted.  Representing the M50 age group will be M. Sullivan and D. Jones.

It shows how ridiculously competitive the M50 age group will be next year with 49 yr olds like M. Shute, L. Hooker, C. Faulknor, and others, all running under 24 in the 200m.   Sullivan runs under 23.  L. Hooker - at age 49 ran an 11.14 100m ...  Jesus!  Maybe, I'll take 2 yrs off.

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