Monday, June 18, 2012

US Olympic Trials - coverage

I'm happy to see coverage for the US Track and Field Olympic Trials this week on both NBC and NBC Sports Network.   Also, coverage for the US Swimming and Diving, and Gymnastics.

Links here for schedules.  

Diving starts tonight (midnight est)


Hamstring is still sore but getting better.   When it doesn't hurt to do dynamic stretches, then I'll know I can start running faster and do some strengthening rehab.   I might go to the track tomorrow for some 800s.


  1. Is there a 'TV package' one can purchase from NBC for the London Games? I don't want to miss anything!! Glad you're not giving in to that "should I quit" feeling .... its not in your genes to quit.

  2. NBC promises: "all 302 events from all 32 sports on the London program will be streamed live online ".

    Plug the laptop into the TV and get any sport, any event.

    Many options... i.e. - For track & field, users can watch a single feed bouncing from event to event, or feeds dedicated to specific events (javelin, pole vault, etc.).

    Thinking this might be a reason to get an HDTV