Monday, June 25, 2012

Night 600s

I hit the track at 10:00 pm tonight to workout, it was a dry breezy 84º.   The wind was from the north, a harbinger of 2 more cool nights before we get what is predicted to be a pretty bad heat wave beginning Thurs and lasting 10 days or more.

Feeling soft and a little heavy from the weekend party, I decided not to kill myself since I want to run the next two days in a row to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.  I did 600s, cautious at first, then picking it up a little.   It sure felt good to not run 800s.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on
3 x 600m - 1:48, 1:45, 1:44  
Inventory:  Felt fine, although my ham string is still not healed.   It still hurts to do 90º leg swings but not to do most drills.  The injury area feels sort of hard and inflexible.   I've been using heat, massage, and balm on it.  I wish it would get back to normal.

143.6 after work out... but I have this left over rum cake and paella.  Maybe I should freeze it?   Nah.

It was inspiring to go out and train after watching the Olympic trials.   Humbling to see Galen Rupp run  the last two 400m splits of his 5000m race in 58 and 55sec.   And Nick Symmonds... in 5th place after the first 400m, I thought "does this guy really have it?"  What a stud, he blew down the back stretch of the final lap, passing people one by one, he looked so strong.  His last 300m was amazing.  He won the 800m in 1:43.92 (faster than I ran 600m tonight).  And how about Aston Eaton - a decathalete that long jumps 27', polevaults 17-4, runs the 100m in 10.21,  the 400m 46.70, the 1500m in 4:14, high jumps 6'8".   OMG - he's the greatest athlete in the world.

Nick Symmonds rules ... watch his last 200m.  He claims to have 'rigged up a little' in the last 50m.   I didn't see any evidence of that.  This race is definitely a sprint.   They are running 25 second 200s in most splits.

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