Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pre Race Day - day off

Hanging at the airport.  Getting ready to fly to Raleigh for the NC State Masters and Open Track Meet.  My first meet in 5 weeks.

This will be an interesting meet since it is small enough to go by fast, I may not get much time between my 3 events, but at least the 100m is first, then the 400m, and 200m.  

As I mentioned in the previous post, there will be competition. Running against a guy who has beaten me previously.   If they run the M40-M50 together in one heat, there are 6 of us between 12 - 12.50.   The same 6 between 24.47 and 25.5 in the 200m.  If I can win the 100 or 200, it will mean something.   It looks like a very good masters meet.

It will be a good test for me to judge the viability of my 100m race, my new Pumas, and my new start.   The 12.17 at Penn was a PR (FAT) and aided by a slight (but legal) tailwind.  My start was not great.   My 2 other hand timed 100m races would convert to 12.3ish.   I'm not expecting any PRs but that magical (for me) 12.0 barrier in the 100m would be very nice to break.  Anything under 12 sec at my age is considered elite.   Hopefuly the added strength work, particularly glutes, will pay off.   Unfortunately, the forecast is for a 5-10 mph headwind.  The 100m is fickle.  Everyone has off days, like Bolt who ran 10.04 a few weeks ago.  PR times won't happen without a seriously good start.   I feel my fitness is not what it was in early April in regard to the 400m, and, my weight is up slightly, so my expectations aren't very high.  

It's going to be fun.  Feels like it's been a while since I got to respond to a starting gun.

As for next weekend, the Bluegrass Games is a 2 day event.  An all ages meet with a lot of standing around.  Unusually, the 200m is the first event followed by the 100m.  I probably won't start the 200m til at least 3:30 pm, with the 100m later in the evening.   The 400m on Sunday and I'm going to join some guys to try and break the meet record in the 4x100m.  I'll spend one night in Louisville, drive up Saturday morning.   I have a great shot at breaking all the meet records in my age group.   More on that later and the TN Association Meet ... which looks like a fiasco.

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