Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Event runs

Tonight was a good night.   First night out on stage as a guitarist in several months and it went well.   Afterwards, I went to the track on a beautiful 70º night with a dry and cool north breeze.

I knew I wanted quality speed tonight so I again brought the Pumas.   I really love these shoes.   They don't feel like they're going to rip when I lace them up like the the Nikes, and they fit wonderfully, and feel great.  No broken risers either.

I set my blocks in lane 5 for a fast event run.   I set the timer for starting commands and a 27/29 split = 56 goal.
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma Bolt spikes on
400m - 56.5
300m - 41.5 
200m - 26
Even with long recovery, 10+ min before the 300 and 200, I was feeling the pain after the last 200m.  The 400m really pumped me up.  I was right on the split for the first 3 100s: 13,14,14 but a half second off the last one - 15.5.  The only difference between this effort and a maximum effort would be the first 200 in 26 instead of 27... and hopefully the last 100 in 15 instead of 15.5.

Joint pain is gone.  A little muscular soreness in the quads from yesterday's 95% 100s.  I think these workouts with less quantity is better for my health at this stage of the season.  One 4 x 500 type workout a week will be good.

Weight is 141.2 after workout.  Need to watch my intake if I'm going to be at race weight this weekend.  Developed a little adipose from all the carbs, fats and sweets from the weekend festivities.

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